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11 Dirt Bike Safety Tips

You can have great fun and excitement on a dirt bike and this is a good gift for the kids. But before you set for your first ride, you need to be aware of the safety tips.
Ryan Raby

Do You Have the Right Safety Gear?

You should have the right safety gear, including a properly approved helmet and make sure that your bike is maintained properly. It is also a wise idea, on your extended trips, to carry with you some navigation equipment to make sure you don’t get lost.

Tip - 1

The most important and foremost safety tip is maintaining the bike to keep it in ideal condition. Dirt bike may meet dirty, harsh conditions so upkeep is important. If you are going to embark it on a longer tour or for an excursion, it is vital to check whether the bike is in the right condition.

Tip - 2

Safety gear is important to keep you uninjured if you have a sudden accident or come off your bike. Take care that they fit you well to get adequate protection. Wear an approved helmet always. Just like the good quality helmets, it is really important to use a visor.

Tip - 3

Don’t forget to wear bike gloves. You can protect your skin from damage by wearing long pants and long sleeve t-shirts. Not only good protection from harmful sun rays but sleeves can limit your damage if you crash.

Tip - 4

Use lightweight and soft breathable material for clothing to enjoy a comfortable riding. Ride only when you are completely fit and not influenced by drugs or alcohol.

Tip - 5

Control your speed. Don’t cross the speed limit that you are not able to handle.

Tip - 6

Change the oil and oil filter frequently. Oil needs to be replaced much more frequently than for a street motorcycle. Use only good quality oil designed for dirt bikes.

Tip - 7

Often change the air filters to keep the bike tip-top. Dirt bikes are ridden in a dirty environment that makes sure that the air filter gets blocked soon. It can damage the engine also.

Tip - 8

Examine the tire pressure and tires. Ensure the tires have no worn spots or cuts and them at once if they become damaged.

Tip - 9

Make sure that brake fluid is topped up often and it should be clean.

Tip - 10

Test for the missing spokes on the wheels and check that there are no dents in the rim release air and lead to flat tires.

Tip - 11

Make sure you have enough provisions for your excursion and to cope up in emergency situations. Your supplies should include fuel, food, and water.