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12 Insider Tips for Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

Swarali Jambhale
The highest point in Africa, highest free-standing peak in the world, one of the Seven Summits, one of the Volcanic Seven Summits! Congratulations! You have decided to conquer a mountain with world records at a height of 19,340 ft!

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Get your mind to do it first!

Climbing is more of a mind game.

More the days, more the chances of success!

You plan an 8-day climb and the success rate is 85%.

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Choose the right route.

The route and the number of days go hand in hand!

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Not a technical mountain, but needs a lot of practice (almost 9-10 hours of hike every day)!
Go “pole pole”, go slowly slowly! It is not a race, cannot be one!
Pack the right clothing (perfect for all weathers) or else forget the summit!
Drink water frequently, not extensively!
Avoid sun rays whenever possible, to avoid dehydration and inevitable tan.
Don’t panic for just a little headache. You’re above 19,000 feet, the body has to react!
Play safe and carry altitude sickness medications.
Carry some summit treats. You’ll need energy to click when you reach at the top!
Why look at potholes on the land when you can see the craters on the mountains!
Enjoy in the fullness of time on the Africa's tallest peak!