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15 Thrilling Activities to Do in Bled, Slovenia

Richa Singh
Bled town, situated along the Lake Bled in northwestern Slovenia, is as beautiful as it is adventurous. No doubt it is ranked amongst '100 Greenest destinations in the world'.
Whether it's the Castle overlooking the lake or the Bled island perched within the lake, the views of this place are stupendous. Equally breathtaking are its adventurous activities that will rush your adrenaline like nothing else.
1. Canyoning
Canyoning here involves high jumps, slides, drop by rope and other such activities in crystal clear waters of Bled. Dive in to the thrills of the nature's very own waterpark here!
2. Via Ferrata (Climbing)
Via ferrata is a very distinct way of climbing mountains; with the climbing routes secured with steel cables. Depending on the difficulty level, You can choose from all kinds of pathways, suitable from kids to the most bold climbers.
3. Climbing Mount Triglav
Mount Triglav is the highest and the most beloved peak of Slovenia. There are multiple climbing routes and ways to opt from. It being an intermediate level climb, make sure you have good physical condition and no fear of heights.
4. Hor Air Ballooning
Traversing through this beautiful town in a hot air balloon and getting a bird's eye view of its charm is both an adventurous and a relaxing experience, all at the same time.
5. Skydiving
What could be more thrilling than jumping off from an aircraft from a height of 4000 m! And what could be more enchanting than the mountains, valleys and rivers of Bled unfolding infront of you. Undeniably a perfect combo of adventure and beauty!
6. River Rafting
Raft along the Sava or Soca rivers and experience the adrenaline rush amid its well-preserved nature. If you are looking for a daunting experience go for rafting on Soca and if looking for a family adventure, then Sava would be a great option.
Kayaking is yet another option that can be explored on Soca and Sava rivers; Sava being the more demanding option. Propel yourself through the heavenly waters of these beautiful rivers and experience your heart pumping with happiness.
7. Kayaking
8. Paragliding
Fly your paraglider over the Bled sky and you will be left spellbound with the thrill and appeal of it.
9. Bungee Jumping
Jump off from the 55 m high Solkan bridge right in to the glacial waters of Soca river. This is truly going to be bone chilling!
10. Zip-lining
Traverse through the protected area of Sava Dolinka river and its surrounding in the Europe's longest zip-line. There are 7 zip-lines travelling total 4 km of distance in nature's one of the most well preserved regions.
11. Tobogganing
Experience the sledding sans the snow! Tobogganing in Bled involves coming down the designed path in a sled installed over the track. Well, this is one adventure that would charm the young and old alike.
Winter Adventures.......
.......from December to March........
12. Ice Climbing
Just imagine yourself climbing on that white and pure mass of ice with your climbing gears on and think of the thrill with each blow of your ice-axe and crampon. What a glory!
13. Skiing
Skii your way down through the snow covered path of the mighty Alps. A complete trip includes the climb to the top, sightseeing ofcourse and then skiing, a thrilling reward for a tiring climb.
14. Winter Hiking
Hiking to the mountain top with all the snow around is quite tiring as well as rewarding at the same time. Test your stamina while crossing the snow laden tracherous paths of Alps.
This one can be truly enjoyed by each and everyone regardless of the age or sports skills. So just hop on to your sled and get going!
15. Sledding