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How to Perform a 360 Hardflip

Shashank Nakate
Doing a 360 hardflip requires the right approach and lots of practice. Here is something to help you out.
There are many types of flips which rotate the skateboard in different ways. Some of them are the casper flip, bigspin, fingerflip, disco flip, etc. The 360 flips too are of different types, viz. the basic 360 flip or tre flip, 360 heelflip/laser flip, and 360 inward heelflip or emerald flip.
One should first master the ollie trick in order to learn the 360 hardflip. The other tricks which need to be mastered with the ollie are 'frontside pop shoovit', 'front stance 180 kickflip', and the 'kickflip'.

Performing the Ollie

The first step in performing an ollie is to place the right foot at the back of the skateboard; the left foot is placed at the center of the board. While the board is in motion, the foot (right) placed on the rear should be slammed down, and simultaneously the left foot raised a bit.
This action helps in lifting the board in mid-air. The left leg should again be brought down and slid forward along the board to level it. This way, the board travels through the air in a straight line for some distance.

Performing a 360 Hardflip

Now we'll do the 360 hardflip.
  • The right foot should be positioned on the skateboard just like in the ollie. The left foot should be placed at the center, on the left edge. Placing this foot vertically is recommended to perform the trick properly.
  • While the board is in motion, one should first perform an ollie as explained above.
  • The 360 hardflip requires the left foot to be kicked on the concave edge of the left side. The result of this kicking action is that the board flips around.
  • The board has to flip and spin simultaneously. Therefore, while kicking the left edge with the left leg, the right leg should also be slammed down on the rear edge of the board.
  • These two actions lead to flipping and spinning at the same time. The two actions mentioned above should be performed very quickly in order to get the act right.
  • The board should be given enough space to spin and flip. For this to happen smoothly, both the left and right legs need to be lifted high enough.

Useful Tips

Tips for performing the hardflip without any hitch.
  • Reflexes and enough practice are the most important things to master the trick.
  • As the board spins and flips, one should be able to catch it (land on it) quickly from the front. Stomping hard on the board helps in landing properly.
  • Jumping high enough is the key to performing a smooth and clean hardflip.
It can be mastered only after a lot of practice. Though it is a difficult trick to perform, one shouldn't lose hope and take constant efforts to master the technique.