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4 Things to Consider when Buying a One-Person Tent

William Brown
Here is a full guide which you can refer to, about one-person tents. Various concerns ranging from weight of the tent to the portability of the tent have been discussed here.


If you’re into solo adventures like I am, then owning a sturdy and high-quality, one-person tent goes without saying. One-person tents can be found in a variety of shapes, sizes and qualities. And in most cases, the old age still applies: you get what you pay for. You may want to read good quality reviews about camping gear that can be found on this website.

There Are Many Options

The good thing is that as a consumer, you have a broad range of tents to choose from. Once you understand your specific needs, you can narrow it down and get a tent that will work for your style and also suit your needs.

Consider Your Options

If you are brave and confident enough to go solo-camping or trekking, chances are you have a lot of friends that you can tap as your first line of information. To build on what they've probably told you, here are a few things to consider when selecting the right tent.

1) Are You a Year-Round or Just a Good-Weather Adventurer?

If you are someone who believes there is no such thing as bad weather, only poor equipped hikers, you need to look at a proper 4-seasons adventure tent. The proliferation of high-end tent materials and competition in the market has made it possible to buy tents at local stores.

Have Peace Of Mind

Most tents will endure almost anything nature throws at them. But not all though. If you are planning a trip to Everest Base-camp, you may still have to visit a specialist store but for mere mortals like us, you can buy a totally waterproof, sturdy tent at the likes of REI and take it to Alaska in the winter easily.

2.) How Will You Get There?

Do you hike for miles into the wilderness? Do you stick your kayak on a roof rack and load all your gear into it at your jump-off point before you set off down the river? Or do you 4x4 with your Jeep and your bike on the spare tire rack to the mountains and pitch your tent next to your car before moving on the next day?


How you get there will determine how important the weight, portability and folded size of your tent will be.

Pro tip: If you will be doing online research, most websites will provide the dimensions and weight of a tent. Find something around you you know the weight of, like a pound of margarine, and use it as reference.

3.) How About the Rest of Your Gear?

It's hard to conceptualize weight without context. There are many one-person tents that represent a coffin more than a tent. One person can (barely) fit into it. If you hike and have a backpack or need to prepare a basic meal in your tent due to bad weather, you will need space.

Be Certain of Your Choice

Pick a tent that provides space on the inside, or even better, buy a tent with a vestibule in front where you can park your gear and stove for the night. That way it will stay dry and you won't have to share your bed with unwelcome odors from your boots!

4.) Ease Of Use

The whole point of buying a one-person tent is you're on your own. Pitching the tent should be easy and effortless even in the dark. While I would not necessarily recommend one of those pop-up tents for the serious adventurer. I would suggest you make considerable effort understanding what's required to pitch a tent before buying it.

Take All Things Into Consideration

Showing up at your camping spot on your own in the dark is hardly the right time to realize you need a set of instructions to get the red-tagged pole into the blue thingy! Be sure to ask about replacement parts of your tent from wherever you buy it.

Reputable Brands

Most trusted brands will have replacement poles and parts for many years after the tent was launched, but that's not always the case. Finally, this is true for any gear decision I believe, consider your budget and what you can afford, and buy something just a little above that!


Nope, don't break the bank, but the point is many campers regret their purchases the moment they use the tent for the first time, just because they went for the "cheap option". Read reviews at trusted sites online, learn from the swarm and make a smart decision. Happy camping!