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5 Amazing Camping Grounds in San Francisco

Maya Pillai
Easy access to nature is one of the privileges for any outdoor loving person who is residing in San Francisco. There are a myriad of pristine camping spots at a stone's throw away where you can experience the wilderness, scenic vistas, and more. Hiking, biking, bird watching or boating are some of the activities offered in many of the camping sites here.

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Big Basin Redwoods State Park

This is California's oldest state park that was founded in 1902. The park is a popular camping destination for the locals as well as tourists. Big Basin Redwoods State Park has 142 tent cabins, camping sports, and scenic trails.
Make sure to contact the visitor center to know, if the planned route is safe and passable. Some of the trails link the park to Castle Rock State Park.
Hiking along one of the many scenic waterfalls, bird and wildlife watching are some of the activities campers do. Also, one could find raccoons, deer, woodpeckers along the way.

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Angel Island State Park

This is a quaint picturesque island offering campers, a 360-degree view of the skyline of San Francisco. Here, the 11 camping sites are divided into 4 camping spots - Kayak, Sunrise, East Bay and Ridge.
You have to lug your gear to the campsites. All these sites offer running water, toilets, charcoal barbecues, tables and food lockers. The camps near Ridge offer a panoramic view of the city and the Golden Gate Bridge.

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Kirby Cove Campground

Managed by the Golden Gate National Recreational Area, Kirby Cove is the most popular campground in Marin Headlands.
Prior reservation (with a nominal fee) is required to use the campsites. Washrooms, fire pits and charcoal grills are available. Carry bottled water and food. Pets are not allowed here.

Mount Tamalpais State Park

There are 16 campsites here and the windy road to this place is worth the trip. This is a hiker's paradise having many scenic hiking trails. The ease of the hiking trails range from moderate to difficult routes.

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Mount Tamalpais State Park offers hiking, horseback riding and fishing to the campers. It's wise to have prior reservations to make a visit. The tent-only sites and cabins are available.

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Mount Diablo State Park

On a clear day, you would get a bird's eye view of 38 counties of California in this park.
Mount Diablo is perched at 3,849 feet and is surrounded by rolling hills and flat valleys. It is the tallest peak in the Bay area. The three campgrounds here are Live Oak, Junction and Juniper. All campgrounds have drinking water, picnic tables, toilets, fire rings and grills.

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The park is known for its rock formations, scenery, hiking trails, wildlife viewing, horseback riding, bird watching, and mountain biking. Make your reservations in prior. Pets are allowed only in the developed areas and not on trails.