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5 of the World's Biggest SUP Events

Joe Parker
SUP boarding is popular now and with the popularity comes wonderful SUP events, held at places around the world. If you like paddle boarding, here are top 5 SUP events, try to join the group and be a part of the events.

Pacific Paddle Games, Dana Point, California

The Pacific Paddle Game in Dana Point, California is held to celebrate all things related to paddle boarding. It is an event for every paddler. No matter how amateur you are at paddle boarding, you can join the game.
The game consists of a total of two laps' course in Dana Point. You will be able to experience the choppy waves in Doheny Beach.

Yukon River Quest, Alaska

Yukon River Quest in Alaska is among the most challenging SUP events. This requires you to paddle more than 400 miles, which may take about 50 hours of paddle boarding. The process may take about 3 days 2 nights to complete.

Paris SUP Open, France

The Paris SUP Open in France is essentially the biggest SUP event you can find around the world. It was previously called Nautic SUP Paris Crossing.
It tops other SUP events by having attracted 700 participants from all over the world in 2017. But it is now limited to making it more manageable. It has a whole course, about 10 km long.

Tribal Clash UK

If you want to take part in a SUP event as a team, Tribal Clash would be the ideal competition. It requires each team to have 6 paddlers, paddling on the same board. The game is held at different places throughout the U.K.

Air France Paddle Festival, Papeete

In Air France Paddle Festival you will find a lot of high profiles paddlers who participate in the game for league points. Air France Festival has 5 races.
Two of the most competitive races include an advanced 23 km Elite Race and the Lagoon Race, which is 8 km long. It can prove to be a great challenge for you and your SUP.


All these SUP events are held at some wonderful paddle boarding spots. So even if you don't plan on participating in the games, you can go paddle boarding in these places on a normal day. And being part of the game would be an interesting experience, you won't ever forget.