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6 Best Campgrounds on the Oregon Coast

Vineetha Rao Suravajjala
What better option beats a day at the beach? Of course, camping at the beach! Here are some of the best campgrounds that dot the coast of the beautiful state of Oregon.

Bullards Beach State Park

With a safari park, a lighthouse, tide pools and a wonderful views, the Bullards Beach State Park is among the popular favourites for a weekend vacation on the Oregon coast.

Bullards Beach State Park: Getting There

The Bullards Beach State Park is a mere 200 miles south from Salem, passing through Albany and Eugene, for quick sightseeing stops on the way!

Nehalem Bay State Park

With stunning sceneries and paved bicycle trail paths, the Nehalem Bay State Park is on the must-visit list for the serious campers. Pro tip: Make sure you call ahead and book a spot in advance! 

From Salem to Nehalem Bay State Park

These gorgeous sunsets are waiting for you at Nehalem Bay State Park, an easy two hour drive from the Salem, the capital!

Ecola State Park

About 3 miles north of Haystack Rock, with amazing views of the coast, and beautiful views of the coast and the beach, Ecola State park also offers beautiful hiking trails that you don’t want to miss this summer!

From Portland to Ecola

Less than an hour and a half away from Portland, Ecola State Park has gotten high up on the campers' list this summer.

Fort Stevens State Park

At the mouth of Colombia River, the Fort Stevens State Park with the Peter Iredale Shipwreck, great trails and the maritime museum, is a camping ground that is open all year round!

From Portland to Fort Stevens and Back

A few miles short of a 100 miles, Fort Stevens State Park, with its shipwreck and museum are a quick ride from Portland, Oregon!

Beverly Beach State Park

Misty-foggy mornings, quiet campgrounds and beaches that are meant for picnics, the Beverly Beach State Park is the perfect spot for family campers! Top activity to do there: looking for sea stars at low tide.

The Road to Beverly Beach State Park

The way from Salem to Beverly Beach State Park, is neither long nor far!

Harris Beach State Park

Inspiring views of the ocean and wonderful beaches are a big part of the experience at the Harris Beach State Park, for campers of all ages. The best activity for here is exploring the beach!

To the Harris Beach State Park and Beyond

Go boldly from Salem to Harris Beach State Park in just about five hours by road... isn't that the best!