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7 Maui Snorkeling Tours That Will Leave You Stunned

Priya Johnson
Most visited of the Hawaiian Islands, Maui is an incredible snorkeling destination, simply because of the crystal clear waters which is home to abundant marine life and coral gardens.
Since this bay is a part of the Marine Life Conservation District and protected, you cannot fish or take anything from here, not even a rock. All efforts are taken to preserve this marine reserve and its beautiful coral gardens.
Honolua Bay

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This bay is one of the most popular snorkeling spots of Maui. For best visibility, head further from the beach and swim into the waters, where the clarity is better. The reef is about 600 m from the shore, so take a Catamaran ride to reach there quickly.
Porcupine fish, Butterfly fish, Barracuda, Damsel fish, Flounder, Snapper, etc. and a number of other fish varieties are visible here. You will also get to see turtles, sea cucumbers, sea urchins, and if you're fortunate you can even spot the Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins.
Situated at the northern end of Ka'anapali Beach, this is the rocky peninsula jutting out into the ocean. Snorkeling is possible right off the beach,  however, guided tours also take you to various spots by boat.  
Black Rock
Being close to the beach makes it easier for those who don't want to go out too far, into the waters to snorkel. However, it's recommended not to snorkel around the rock due to the strong currents. It can be dangerous.
Cardinal fish, Butterfly fish, Surgeon fish, Parrot fish, and Damsel fish are a few you will spot here among the many varieties. Turtles and Spotted Eagle Rays are also visible. However, there isn't a reef, so the coral display is limited to those you see on the black rock.
Situated in the North West portion of Maui, this bay is protected by two reefs that curve into a C-shaped bay. This bay is only 200 m in width, which enables you to snorkel the whole bay and enjoy the marine life dwelling in it.
Kapalua Bay
The water in the bay is calm, which makes it ideal for beginners, especially kids. Moreover, since the bay is protected, you can enjoy snorkeling even during the afternoon strong winds. However, in the winters, the strong water current isn't safe.
Besides a variety of fish like Parrot fish, Butterfly fish, Surgeon fish, etc. you can also see a number of moray eels and beautiful corals along the northern end of the bay. If you're fortunate, you may even spot a green sea turtle.

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Turtle Town is actually  Maluaka Beach, which happens to be situated on the southern shores of Maui. This beach is an amazing place to snorkel because of its clear waters with green sea turtles, plethora of tropical fish and stunning coral gardens.
Turtle Town
Here, you'll see many Hawaiian green sea turtles. Boats take you to the site where green sea turtles are visible. These turtles are actually brown and spotting them may be challenging while they're resting among the rocks.
A crescent-shaped, partially submerged volcanic crater, this world-class snorkeling destination is situated within the Maui county of Hawaii, a few miles from Maui shores.
Molokini Snorkeling Tours
The submerged portion of the volcanic crater forms a natural bowl of thriving marine and coral life. The crystal clear waters, facilitate snorkeling activities. Catamaran tours take you to this crater, however, because it's a popular site, expect it to be crowded.
Black Tigerfish, Butterfly fish, Flame Angelfish, Scissortail Sergent fish and Pennant Coral fish are commonly visible fish species of the 250 species residing here. You will also see sea turtles, white-tip sharks and even dolphins at a distance.
During the months of December to April, you may spot whales in the distance if you're fortunate. You may even hear their mating calls in the water, which is an incredible experience in itself.
Also popularly named as Slaughterhouse beach, after an old slaughterhouse that was operating in the area, this bay is a protected area. The boulders in the ocean bed form a lovely dwelling place for marine life.
Mokuleia Bay
Summer is a good time to visit this bay, because the water is calm and suitable for beginners and children. During the winters, the ocean is rough and it isn't safe to snorkel. So be careful and cautious!
A large variety of fish like Needle fish, Parrot fish, etc. can be spotted easily here. Octopus and Eagle rays can be seen here. You will also get to see a number of green sea turtles.
This bay's shallow depth of 3 to 8 feet makes it an ideal snorkeling spot for beginners and kids. Calm and clear waters full of amazing marine life make it a sought-after snorkeling spot in Maui.
Napili Bay
Head over to the right side of the golden sandy beach for a better view of the marine life underneath. When you head to this beach, if you find many surfers that day, then it isn't an ideal day for snorkeling.
You can enjoy seeing Long-nose Butterflyfish, Needle fish, Fan File fish, etc. here along with a number of Hawaiian green sea turtles, sea urchins and lot more.