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8 Best Dispersed Camping Sites in Colorado

Ishwari Pamu
Dispersed camping, aka primitive camping, is camping in a national forest outside a campground without the usual comforts of camping. No camping neighbors, no amenities, no bathrooms, just you and the solitude of the wilderness around you.

Rabbit Ears Pass: Steamboat Springs

Nestled in Northern Colorado, it offers several activities that keep you on your toes. You’ll find dispersed camping along the pass’s dirt road. This mountain pass is open year round.

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Guanella Pass

About 55 miles from Denver, it’s the ultimate spot for stargazing on a clear night. Though it can get a bit windy, looking at the nightsky was never so beautiful.

Lost Lake Trail

You’ll have to do a bit of hiking to get here. Make sure you set out early as there are only 8 dispersed camping spots which fill up real quick.

Creedmore Lakes

It’s one of the best primitive camping sites in Colorado. About an hour and a half from Fort Collins, it is the spot for hiking and fishing.

San Isabel Creek

Take the road leading to the San Isabel trailhead along the creek to find a good spot to camp. The mosquitoes here can get nasty so make sure you carry a bug spray.

Caribou Townsite

It’s an excellent location for camping with the breathtaking views of the Indian Peaks Wilderness area but it has only 11 designated camping spots.

Jonae Pass

Take the dirt road past the Jones Pass trailhead and you should find campsites along the road. Some areas are super windy but if you have a decent 4x4 vehicle, driving will be pretty easy.

Echo Lake

It’s an exceptional location if you want a combination of hiking, camping and fishing while enjoying the amazing views of the Echo Lake. The grounds are open year round.