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8 Best Places to Go Tubing in Florida

Bindu swetha
The heat in Florida can be really harsh and the best way to beat it is by drifting away with your playmate, the tube! Just make sure to read all signboards carefully, so that you stay safe and don't trespass.

Ichetucknee Springs State Park

The crowned jewel of tubing, the Ichetucknee springs offer a great tubing experience, depending on the entrance you use!
If you enter from the northern side, you can float for three and a half hours whereas if you use the Dampier's Landing, you can float for 45 minutes. If you are looking for an hour of run, start your float from Midpoint Launch.

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Blue Spring State Park

The crystal clear waters at the park can mesmerize anyone to take its 8-mile long tubing experience. Shortest tube run from the lot, the tubing run of this park is connected to the main swimming dock.

Rainbow Springs State Park

Enter the tube-specific entrance which is about nine miles from the main entrance, to experience the spring's unusual sand boils.

The water forms bubbles from beneath the sand, creating a quicksand-like scenario. Sounds like the best place to play some pranks, isn't it?

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Chipola River

You have options of taking two separate tubing trips once you are at Chipola River. One trip starts from Johnny Boy Landing and ends at Lamb Eddy Landing, with a total tubing run of 4 miles. If you are in a hurry, you can take the Willis Bridge tube trip. But be careful of the rapid which you will encounter on both trips.

Ginnie Springs

Enjoy the float down the Santa Fe River at the Ginnie Springs, for a good one hour. The seven crystal clear springs here is the best place to experience innertubes!

Rock Springs Run at Kelly Park

If you are looking to swim and tube on the same day, then head straight to the Rock Springs Run. The 30-minute tube run over the three-quarters of a mile is the best place to be at, if you are in a hurry!

Coldwater Creek

Tubing with Adventures Unlimited at the Coldwater Creek can be a fun experience.

With 4 miles of tubing run, 4-hour long journey and a bunch of people leaving for a trip every hour, mini rapids along the run, and a landscape of hammocks and upland pine forests, this is one tubing experience, you surely don't want to miss!

Blackwater River

Tubing across the Blackwater River in crystal clear, cold water, with a backdrop of serene beaches; is a breathtaking experience.

With medium underwater currents, kids of all ages can have a great tubing run. The trip lasts for 3 to 4 hours with a 4-mile long run to cover.