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8 Thrilling Activities in the Beautiful Estes Park, Colorado

Bindu swetha
Home to wildlife like elk and bears and base for the Rocky Mountain Park, the Estes Park at Colorado is a haven for adventure enthusiasts! From hiking to water fun, the park has some activity for everyone.

Ride at Tramway

Take the tram ride to the top of the Mt Prospect to witness panoramic scenic views of the mountains that are great for photo ops! Though you may experience some waiting queue, trust us, the beauty is worthy of your wait. Don't forget to check out the gift shop at the top of the summit.

Shop at Old Town

Head straight to the downtown in the park to buy some souvenirs at reasonable prices from the local gift shops. You can while away your time by just walking around the old town while enjoying some ice cream or catching a bite at the local restaurants.

Visit Stanley Hotel

If you dare to experience spookiness and live your Halloween dream, then visit the Stanley Hotel!
From the moment you enter the parking lot of the hotel, the freaky vibes will take over. Living up to its reputation, no one will question you if you keep looking over your shoulder while walking around the hotel! Enroll yourself in the Night Spirit Tour walks where you will visit all the haunted rooms and lobbies. All the best guys, that's all we can say!

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Hiking at Rocky Mountains

One of the favorite tourist activity is hiking the Rocky Mountains. There are plenty of terrains to explore here - from lush green woods to alpine tundra of the peaks! Hiking Mt Ida, Flattop Moutain, Ypsilon Lake Trail, Chasm Lake are few popular ones. The Lily Lake Trail and Bear Lake Trails are easier hiking options for amateur hikers.

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Aquatic Fun on Lake Estes

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Rent a boat, go kayaking, canoeing, fishing, when you are at the Lake Estes! There's a store near the lake that sells fishing licenses, fishing supplies and snacks. You can also rent out bicycles at the marina to explore the scenic trails that circle the lake.

Open Air Adventure Park

With 32 different challenges at about 11 and 21 feet above the ground on offer from tightrope walking to crossing moving platforms, the one-of-its-kind adventure park doesn't have any specific route or direction, you can pick your own adventure trail!

Stanley Steamcar Museum

Located just beside the Stanley Hotel, the Stanley Steamcar Museum has an amazing collection of historic steam cars including 2-passenger car models and 8-passenger wagon. You can go sightseeing in the town and the hotel grounds by taking a ride in the historic red fire truck!

Sombrero Ranch

Experience the life of a cowboy at the Sombrero Ranch that offers horseback riding tours that includes steak dinner rides, sleigh rides, trail rides, breakfast rides as well as wagon rides. You can also carry your cowboy experience outside the ranch by renting the horses for out-of-state activity by paying some additional fees!