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9 State Parks in Washington

Prabhakar Pillai
Washington state boasts of beautiful and diverse terrain. There are quite a few state parks here offering nature's bounties such as beautiful rivers, serene lakes, a variety of wildlife and rugged mountains.
Head to the state parks which offer accommodation facilities, recreational opportunities, a place to relax or soak in the natural beauty.
1. Riverside State Park
It is the second largest state park in Washington state. Here, there are many biking and hiking trails. Popular activities include mountain biking, rock climbing and horseback riding. During winter snowmobiling, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing are popular.
2. Battle Ground Lake State Park
This charming park sprawls 280 acres. It boasts of a crater lake and an evergreen forest.Here there are 50 campsites. Popular activities here include boating, picnicking, trout fishing and swimming.
3. Moran State Park
There is diverse terrain such as lakes, hills, wetlands and forests. Great place to enjoy the views and relax. The beautiful park boasts of 5 lakes and 38 miles of hiking trails.
4. Twanoh State Park
It is one of Washington's oldest state parks. Popular activities include water-skiing, oyster harvesting and saltwater fishing. The park boasts of 3,167 feet of saltwater shoreline.
5. Beacon Rock State Park
The charming attraction is a year-round camping park. Popular activities include mountain biking and hiking. Enjoy the magnificent views of the Columbia River Gorge. A must-see is the 848-foot-tall Beacon Rock. The latter is famous for extremely challenging rock climbing.
6. Camano Island State Park
This is a 134-acre camping park boasting of an impressive 6,700 feet of rocky shoreline. Enjoy the picturesque views of the surrounding mountains. Popular activities include hiking and shellfish harvesting. The pretty park offers cabins and standard campsites for visitors desiring overnight stays.
7. Saltwater State Park
It is the sole state park in Washington having an underwater artificial reef. The latter is a diver's delight. The park is frequented by city folk for its natural beauty. Enjoy viewing the rich wildlife here. Also on offer are amazing views of nature and outdoor activities such as camping and picnics.
8. Rasar State Park
Interestingly, the park offers some dog friendly cabins. Great place for bird watching and viewing the rich wildlife. The attraction is also known for eagle watching. On offer are 4,000 feet of freshwater shoreline. Amenities include 48 campsites in a forested region along the banks of the picturesque Skagit River.
9. Ginkgo Petrified Forest State Park
This park is a relatively lesser known destination. It is famous as one of most unusual fossil forests on the planet. Petrified wood was found here in the 1930s. The park boasts of 27,000 feet of Columbia River shoreline. On offer are camping facilities and opportunities for boating and swimming.