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A Complete Guide to Fishing in the State of Virginia

Bindu swetha
With trout streams of 2800 miles in addition to numerous ponds, reservoirs and lakes; fishing opportunities in Virginia are immense. You can go fishing and crabbing at the Eastern Shore, Atlantic Ocean, Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries! The state is the third-largest seafood producer in the country.

Fishing at Lakes

The State of Virginia holds the IGFA World record for the Blue Catfish caught in the Bugg's Island Lake.

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At the public fishing lakes, you can find Tackle Bass and sunfish!

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Fishing at Rivers

If you are looking to catch monster catfish or do some smallmouth fishing, then you must visit Virginia's rivers.
You need to be above 16 years of age to get a fishing license. The licenses are valid for a year since the day of issue.
If you are not using commercial fishing gear and limit your fishing take to just a bushel of crabs or just a dozen peeler crabs a day, you don't need a license. You can take two crab pots a day per person without any license.

Fishing at Tidal Waters

The tidal waters at Virginia are home to blue catfish and shallow-water fishes such as striped bass and flounder!
If you are looking at fishing at the tidal waters, then Maryland licenses are required and registration at the VA Fisherman Identification Program is needed.

Fishing at the Chesapeake Bay

The Eastern shore is known for its marine life such as blue crabs, oysters, clams, catfish, flounder and sea scallops!
At the East Coast, you can also book a boat for some blue water fishing for tuna, dolphin, marlin and the like.
If you have a saltwater fishing license then you can catch fish at the Chesapeake Bay or any of its tributaries alongside the Atlantic Ocean.

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Fly Fishing

Fly fishing has become popular in Virginia in recent years. It uses a light-weight lure to catch a fish.
You can visit Virginia's resorts such as The Omni Homestead, Wintergreen, and Primland. You can also take guided tours to learn novice fly fisher.

Rules and Regulations

Fishing is allowed in Virginia throughout the day unless it is otherwise mentioned at the fishing areas. The Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries overlooks all fishing areas' (freshwater and saltwater) rules and regulations.