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A Guide to Arches National Park, Utah

The red-rock wonderland discovering a landscape of amazing rock formations and trails.
Meenakshi Sutar
Visit the largest park in the world, situated adjacent to the Colorado River. With the highest density of natural stone arches, that is over 2,000, the park also includes hundreds of towering mountains, trails, and huge balanced rocks.

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Park Avenue and Courthouse Towers

Walk among massive sandstones and towering walls that will amaze you with their natural beauty.

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Balanced Rock

Enjoy the overwhelming experience of sunset in the deep-red orange Balanced Rock. 

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Also, stargazing and night photography give tremendously pleasing experience making your evening a memorable one.

The Windows Section

This is the beating heart of Arches National Park. The area loaded with arches is one of the most charming locations in the park. 
A great combination of beauty with a variety of activities such as hiking, sightseeing, stargazing, and photography.

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Delicate Arch

You just cannot skip the most popular and the largest free-standing arch in the park. This is identified as a symbol of the state of Utah and is a wonderful natural formation.

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Devils Garden

Enjoy the breathtaking views of arches, peaks, and a large number of narrow rock walls called fins.
Being the witness of the longest, 306 feet Landscape Arch with a 6-feet narrow diameter hanging like a thin thread is an awe-inspiring experience!

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Skyline Arch

Enjoy hiking to the Skyline Arch sitting above the rocks of the Devils Garden. True to its name, the Skyline Arch does actually recline on the skyline making it an amazing spot to capture into your camera.
Yes, we can find the geological reasons behind these natural formations that happened 300 million years ago. But the art of nature to form such incredible shapes from the rocks and stones is still mysterious indeed! Who knows how it would look like or even exist after centuries from now? It's worth visiting this park once in a lifetime.