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A Perfect Guide for Camping in Iceland

Prerana Jamdarkhana
Iceland is as mysterious as it is stunning. Disguising white beauty in winter and mesmerising view during summer, camping in this magical land is an unforgettable experience.

Five Scenic Campsites

With about 170 registered campsites, Iceland law defines the camping rules for different sites and duration for which a visitor can camp at a specific locale.

Iceland campgrounds are dotted all over the country. Let’s glance at five most scenic campsites.

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A convenient campground with two splendid waterfalls nearby.


Staying close to the city makes this campground comfortable and easy access to necessities.

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Vik is home to many popular places of Iceland. The campsite is a perfect spot if one wishes to explore the town of Iceland.

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A quiet campsite with mystic northern lights above and a thermal hot pool nearby is insanely adorable.


Located west of Iceland near Kirkjufell mountain, this fenced site is cozy and well-maintained.

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While you are camping, you cannot miss-out on these adventurous activities.
Glacier Hiking and Ice Climbing, offered at many places, are favorites of every visitor.
A village in northern Iceland, Húsavík, is best known for Whale Watching.

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Touring the deep glacier-caves, lava-caves and man-made caves is enthralling.
Without bathing in Hot Springs and Geothermal Pools, Iceland tour is probably incomplete.

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One will escape into a dream hiking in this breathtaking landscape.
Few Tips
  • Most of the registered campsites are open from June till mid-September.
  • Campervans can be rented at many places. The price depends on season, size and place of rent.
  • Due to unexpected weather, one is advised to always be alert.
  • Majority of campsites have hot showers and clean washrooms.
  • Supermarkets and small grocery stores are available in cities.
Packing Hacks
  • Waterproof clothes, medicinal kit, a thermos and a small torch are always handy.
  • Never forget double, warm blankets, coats and socks.
  • Pack basic, frozen vegetables, sauces and ingredients.
  • WiFi connection is good throughout Iceland. You can carry phones almost everywhere.