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Adrenaline Rush Activities

The story deals with some of the adrenaline rush activities that one can perform. This list of extreme activities should prove to be useful to you.
Shashank Nakate
There are many activities that we can and have already undertaken in our day-to-day life to get an adrenaline rush. Driving a bike at a high speed is one such way through which a rush can be triggered. If one is looking for how to trigger an adrenaline rush, the content presented here should prove to be useful.

How to Get an Adrenaline Rush?

The basic thing which one would require to trigger an adrenaline rush is the willingness to take risks. It is the thrill and uncertainty which form the ingredients for such an experience. Extreme sports/adventure sports are generally regarded as adrenaline rush activities.
However, different people get a rush out of different activities. Extreme sports are definitely a means to experience thrill, however, depending on the nature of different people, different activities can interest them.
Even the realization that someone loves you can be a reason for adrenaline rush, while for some people the state of accomplishment or achieving something produces a similar effect. Completion of a great artwork may also give a high to some people.

Extreme Adrenaline Activities

Here are a few examples of adventurous things to do. The common factor/thread which strings together these activities is the willingness to take risks in order to experience the thrill. This list of extreme sports should prove to be useful.


It is amongst the most popular extreme activities. Free falls from great heights can definitely give you an adrenaline rush. Though this activity requires guts and courage required for any other adventure activity, it is not necessarily a dangerous sport.
The fatalities which take place in skydiving are just one behind every 100,000 jumps. The major risk involved in this is that of mid-air maneuvers going awry. Otherwise, it is a great sport if performed with the all the necessary precautions, and most importantly, with proper knowledge and patience.


Paragliding is considered to be relatively safer than other adventure sports. However, this activity should give you an adrenaline rush, with the thrill of flying over mountains and other scenic landscapes. Paragliding is performed in the countryside and the take off points are located atop mountains. All this makes for a perfect experience.

Cliff Jumping:

This activity is very much similar to skydiving, though the height from which one jumps is lesser in comparison to skydiving. However, the thrill involved in cliff jumping is no lesser. The feeling of entering water followed by jumping from a great height can be absolutely thrilling. One might find this activity addictive, owing to the great amount of thrill that one experiences.

Downhill Skiing:

Skiing involves the use of planks (under the feet) and poles (in hands) to slide down a snow-clad mountain slope. The speed which one gathers as he/she slides downhill triggers an adrenaline rush. Moreover, one can increase the speed and change the direction with the help of poles.

List of Adventure Sports

Here is a list of adventure sports that one can use to experience the thrill of taking risks. Most of the activities mentioned below share a common factor, i.e., speed.
  • Diving/Snorkeling
  • Kayaking
  • River Rafting
  • Surfing
  • Snowboarding
  • Snow Skiing
  • Kitesurfing
  • Aerobatic Flying
  • Base Jumping
  • Adventure Racing
  • Ice Yatching
  • White Water Kayaking
  • Speed Skating
  • Powerboat Racing
  • Extreme Motocross
  • Mountain biking
  • Scootering
  • Bungee Jumping
  • Skateboarding
  • Barefoot Water Skiing
  • Sandboarding
  • Extreme Motocross
  • Roller Blading
  • Watercross
  • Cave Diving
  • Canopying
  • Sphereing
  • Quad Biking
  • Canyoning
  • Parkour
  • Skijoring
  • All-Terrain Boarding
  • BMX
It is with these adventurous activities that one can relive thrilling experiences of their life. One can recall many such instances from his/her childhood, for example, the thrill while riding a bicycle at lightning speed (no pun intended). Thus, one should at least try to relive those memories by means of these extreme sports and experience the rush.