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Adventurous Reasons to Travel to Triglav National Park, Slovenia

Shruti Nair
Biking at the Julian Alps with the Vršič Pass is a rite of passage for bikers. Rent your bikes from Bled, Bohinj or Bovec and get on that journey!
Bike at the Julian Alps
With 24 switchbacks on the drive up,  to keep you on track, buckle up for the beautiful views of the mountain. Then take the 26 switchbacks down the mountain and into the Soča River Valley.
Drive upto Vršič from Bled
Known for its many waterfalls, Triglav National Park offers spectacular views at Slap Savica in Bohinj Veliki Kozjak and many more between Kranjska Gora and Vršič.
Trek up to a Waterfall
There are plenty of places to try ziplining or rappelling. Dolinka in Bled, Bovec in Soča being the most adventurous to Sava valley.
Rappelling or Zip-lining on a Mountain
The jewel of the park are the gorgeous glacial lakes. The most visited are Bohinj Lake and the Triglav Lakes. Lesser known, yet stunning are Križ Lakes, the lake on Planina pri Jezeru, or Duplje Lake.
Take a dip in the Glacial Lakes
Dare to cross this suspended between two mountains walls over a massive gorge drop to the ground. Make sure to bring your camera along for the gorgeous views.
Cross the Devil's Bridge
Canoe at the turquoise Soča River which is known to leave many visitors speechless. Rafting and hydro speeding are also hugely popular here.
Canoe on the Soca River
This highest mountain in the country has four routes to to the top. Legend has it you can only be considered true Solvenian if you can climb this mountain.
Climb Mount Triglav
There are many campsites to choose from, the shore of Bohinj Lake to the heart of lhe Park, right next to the Soča River. You can also find nature eco-camps or 5 star glamping. Read for more here:
Camp with your Family

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