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Adventurous Things to Do

Medha Godbole
Craving for some adrenaline pumping excitement and adventure? Outdoor adventure is what just might make your day!
If someone asks you what is in your wish list in life, what would you say? What if you had a few days of your life left? What would you want to do from all our heart and what would be your deepest desire?

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In the long list you make, there would be at least a few totally rib tickling and totally mind-blowing things. Yes! Climbing the Everest and going for bungee jumping and what else?

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Here are some recommendable fun things to do for adventure, so take your pick and have fun.

African Safari

Is there anything to say about African safari? It could be one of the most enchanting things to do in your lifetime! Surely, you would find it hard to count the number of animals you would get to see!

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Visiting North Pole/ South Pole

Try and travel to either the south pole or north pole and experience how it is there. It is bound to be one of those very exciting things you wanted to do before you die.

Touring in India

A famous American luggage company claims that if their bags and suitcases can weather the storm of harsh and tough Indian scenario. When it comes to traveling, their bags and suitcases can survive anywhere in the world.
So travel and tour incredible India and experience one of the most diverse and colorful countries and the largest democracy in the world.

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River Rafting

One of the best things to enjoy with your loved ones, river rafting can be an absolutely exhilarating experience! Feel the clear water and a chill going through your spine when the raft goes almost all topsy-turvy!

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We all know what skydiving is. You take either a chopper or a plane and then jump out from an outrageous height with a parachute on. Sounds adventurous? Great! If it gives you the adrenaline rush, well then this surely can be in your memoirs!

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Visiting a live Volcano

Wow! A majority of us have only heard about volcanoes erupting. Why not visit a volcano site? Italy, some parts of South Asia, Latin America are the possible locations. Don't go too near though even if you find it to be way to adrenaline pumping!

Learn Hollywood Aerial Arts

From aerial production and design and training in flying trapeze, hoop, tissu and web, and loads of other skills are taught if you just research a bit in Los Angeles or even NYC.

Tour the Arctic region

Give the explorer and the adventurer in you a boost by going around and touring the arctic region. It will sort of once in a lifetime feeling and in places like these sometimes the spiritual and universal connection suddenly dawns upon you.

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Grand Canyon

Let the Christopher Columbus in you get up and going! Just step out and discover and explore the Grand Canyon! But please do not fall into the gorges! Take adequate precautions and have the time of your life!
So, now that you've got some ideas, give a thought to at least one of these and go all out for it! Have a ball of a time!