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Bass Fishing Tips and Secrets

Abhijit Naik
Bass fishing has come a long way from just another hobby to a multi-million dollar industry. A prominent game fish found in abundance in North America, black bass is the 2nd most sought-after game fish in the United States.
Of the various species found in North America, spotted bass, largemouth bass, and smallmouth bass are the most prominent. The sport has indeed witnessed immense development on all fronts ranging, from sophisticated fishing gear to improved methods, but then, there is always a scope for improvement, and these tips and secrets are the key for that.

A Guide to Bass Fishing

When fishing this species in clear water, use dark-colored crankbait or spinner. Bass, being a predatory fish, is bound to strike the dark-colored bait for food. The best method of locating bass is to locate a school of fish. The predatory fish lurks around its source of food, the school of fish, which improves your chances of having a good catch.
Summer: Although you are aware of the fact that bass is a shallow water fish, every time you have a bad day at the lake in summer, you are left wondering where did you possibly go wrong? The answer is your timing. No doubt bass is a shallow water fish, but it tends to go into deep water in summer.

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The right time to fish in this season would be early morning or evening when the temperature is relatively low. The fish is in shallow water in the morning, and as the temperature rises, it goes deeper. Your best bet is to start fishing early in the morning and as day passes go into the deep water. Ideally, use quick moving lures under low-light conditions.
Winter: Like any other animal species, even bass doesn't like to move around in cold climate. It prefers to store its food and avoids hunting to save energy in winter. In such circumstances, bass fishing does become a bit tedious. But then it's just tough; not impossible.

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To make the task easier, you can resort to the use of large baits and fish slowly. It's ideal to choose shallow water for bass fishing in winter, because it prefers to stay in shallow water with weeds and aquatic plants during this season.
Spring: Spring is believed to be the best time for bass fishing. As the water starts getting warm after the cold winter, fish prefer to stay in warm, shallow waters. After spending quite a significant time idling throughout the cold season, bass species become active on the onset of spring.

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More importantly, it's their spawning season, so there is no dearth of bass. You should use a larger version of hard jerk bait. Make sure that the bait is large enough to tempt the fish to get hooked. This will double your chances of getting a large catch.
You can also alter these tips according to your observations, and come up with technique which suits you. You just need to keep one thing in your mind, the person who is quick in reading the prevailing conditions and adapting to them will definitely have the biggest catch at the end of the day.