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Best Campgrounds in Massachusetts

Out of many, here we give you a list of top 10 must-see campgrounds in massachusetts.
Yashasma Savkur
Massachusetts offers a range of options for camping in the woods, camping in winters or summers and enjoying the nature and it's organic lifestyle for a night.
1. Boston Harbor Islands National Park Area, Boston
Boston Harbor Islands are a cluster of around 34 islands out of which some are reserved for camping.
It is just a ferry ride away from Boston Harbor and gets occupied quickly due to very few available camp spots.
One can enjoy the quiet and peaceful surroundings in private, comfortable tents.
2. Shawme – Crowell State Forest, Sandwich
Shawme – Crowell state forest is a perfect and well-equipped campsite with huge area spread over 700 miles.
It is a beautiful forested area located near historic sandwich and is filled with pine and scrub oak trees.
You can explore the area and enjoy activities like biking, trekking and horse riding on the 15-mile trails that are available here.
3. Horseneck Beach State Reservation, West Point
This huge campground is located near the town of Westport. Camping alongside breathtaking views of the beach is one of the unique experiences here.
More than 100 campsites are available with loads of amenities like showers, toilets, designated fire pit areas, playgrounds, running water, picnic spots, etc.
4. Wompatuck State Park, Hingham
This large and busy campground with 250 campsites is located near the town of Hingham.
It also provides 12 miles of paved paths for hiking, biking, fishing, boating and many more fun activities.
A few campsites are equipped with electrical appliances for convenience and for better experiences.
5. Harold Parker State Forest, Andover
This campground is located very close to Boston and is a small yet one of the best campgrounds with just 89 campsites.
You may find swamps, ponds, rolling hills, long hiking trails and spots for fishing, swimming and boating.
6. Martha’s Vineyard Family Campground
An excellent destination in the summers for camping in the woods while enjoying a peaceful environment.
It is surrounded by small towns and beautiful beaches that make it more attractive.
7. Mohawk Trail State Forest
The Mohawk Trail state forest is a public forest located across the towns Charlemont, Hawle and Savoy.
This is the best destination for camping in winters with rustic old cabins and wood burning stove.
There is also a hiking trail close by that is open for snowshoeing, ice-fishing, cross country skiing and many more fun adventure sports.
8. Myles Standish State Forest, South Carver
This is one of the largest forest north of Long Island and are filled with scrub oaks and pitch pine trees.
The forest has 400 campsites and 16 lakes and ponds out of which few are ideal for fishing, swimming and boating.
9. Washburn Islands – Waquoit Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve, Falmouth
This is the campground for a primitive experience with not much accessibility and amenities.
It is the only campground on Washburn Island and can be reached using private boats. It is a remote location, best for solitude and feeling one with nature.
10. Nickerson State Park, Brewster
An ideal destination for kayaking, fishing, swimming, canoeing, hiking and biking alongside camping.
This place is surrounded by tall pine trees and freshwater ponds that gives one the perfect camping in the wood experience.