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Best Camping Spots in Nova Scotia

Yogeshwari Bhor
Experience a thrilling get away in Nova Scotia, under the blue sky and in the wild woods. Lighten your heart by sharing stories around the campfire and feel the wind passing through you.

Campgrounds in the Wilderness

Cape Chignecto Provincial Park

Camping here gives a feeling of thrill due to its forested area. The park has designated campsites and outhouses.

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Kejimkujik National Park

This is an exceptional spot which can be accessed by hiking trails and canoe routes. Best place to gaze at the twinkling stars.

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Cape Breton Highlands National Park

This is one of the most scenic spots in the entire region which has six amazing campgrounds.

Vehicle Accessible Campgrounds

Murphy's Camping on the Ocean

They offer camping in both RV and tent. Pick one that interests you and spend relaxing time amidst nature as it is close to the ocean.

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Scotia Pine Campground

Available for both seasonal and weekend campers, you can spend a good time with your family here.

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Five Islands Provincial Park

This is one of best camping place in Eastern Canada. You can relax close to the ocean and explore nearby trails.

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Baddeck Cabot Trail

This trail has plenty of campsites and they offer good amenities. It is suitable for families and large groups.

Ovens Natural Park

The campground is well maintained with the trees and rocks. You can pitch your tent in front of the ocean. Also discover trails and huge mountains.

Rissers Beach Provincial Park

This picture-perfect location is good for beach side camping. The sandy beach marshland boardwalk is the attraction here.

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Amherst Shore Provincial Park

This gives perfect outdoor getaway to the campers as the area is filled with lot of woods and it is close to the ocean.

Dollar Lake Provincial Park

The back country trails and the sandy beach will give you relaxing vacation at this campground.

Meat Cove Campground

Surrounded by jagged cliffs and valleys, this campground offers tenting sites and cabins overlooking the Atlantic Ocean

Camping Essentials

  1. First aid kit and navigation tool
  2. Choose the right shelter and site
  3. Stay updated with the weather
  4. Be self-sufficient and carry safety equipments like pocket knife, insect protection
  5. Fire starter
  6. Pack and store food safely