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Best Camping Spots in West Virginia

Sumana Nag
West Virginia is dominated by a variety of beautiful landscapes that are ideal for hosting campsites. As a result, every year several people arrange camping for fun and entertainment purposes.
Audra State Park, Buckhannon
Audra State Park is a forested land that is located near the Middle Fork River in southwestern Barbour County and a part of Upshur County.
The natural beauty of the park is ideal for camping. There are a total of 67 campsites for tents and recreational vehicles of which 13 tents have electrical facilities.
Campers can enjoy swimming, water rafting, and boating in the waters of the Middle Fork River. They can do biking and hiking in the unblemished wilderness of the park.
This Campground is run by the US Army Engineers Corps. It is situated on the edges of Sutton Lake where people often camp with friends and family members.
Baker’s Run Campground, Sutton Lake
It has 79 sites for camps, of which 8 sites have full water supply and electricity facilities. While 26 sites have electric hook-ups only. There are also heated dump stations, shower houses, playgrounds, boat launch ramps, and water fountains available in the campground.
This site is perfect for hiking, biking trails, boating, canoeing, and fishing expeditions. The campers can also bring pets with them. However, the sites can be booked from May to October.
The park is named after Blackwater Falls, located in the Allegheny Mountains of Tucker County. It has comfortable cabins and lodges and wonderful scenic beauty that attracts tourists throughout the year.
Blackwater Falls State Park, Davis
It has 20 miles of hiking trails, boating, and fishing facilities that the campers can enjoy. There is also provision for games like volleyball, basketball, and tennis for young kids.
This campground is located near Burnsville Lake on the Little Kanawha River, which lies at the foothills of the Allegheny Mountains. It has nearly 200 campsites.
Bulltown Campground, Burnsville Lake
There is a boat ramp near the campground where people can do fishing, boating, and water skiing. They can enjoy horseback riding, hiking, biking, and wildlife viewing in the surrounding areas of the campground.
The resort is located on a plateau overlooking the Canaan valley which is the highest mountain valley of the Rocky Mountains.
Canaan Valley, Davis
The resort is a four-season mountain destination that offers various recreation activities like swimming in the heated pool and spa treatment for relaxation. The campers can also explore the Seneca Rocks or the Smoke Hole Caverns.
The campground is situated in Smoke Hole Canyon in the northern portion of the Monongahela National Forest.
Big Bend Campground, Monongahela National Forest
As the campground is near the south branch of the Potomac River, it offers trout fishing, canoeing, kayaking, and bird watching facilities for the campers.
It is the second-largest state park in West Virginia in the Mountain Lakes region. The dense forests surrounding the Holly River provide an ideal setting for camping.
Holly River State Park, Hacker Valley
The site offers camping, hiking, swimming, horse riding, and tennis for recreation.
The campsite is located on top of the Rich Mountain near the Allegheny Highlands. It is surrounded by 9,000 acres of forests. There are 13 campsites in the Millcreek Campground.
Kumbrabow State Forest, Huttonsville
The tourists generally spend their time fishing in Mill Creek, watching wildlife in the nearby forest, and stargazing.
This is a privately owned Camp lands that is located in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains of West Virginia. It is surrounded by 5000 acres of property where nature lovers can enjoy the abundance of nature's beauty.
Big Bear Lake Family Camp lands, Bruceton
The campers can participate in various activities like spending time in Bearfoot Springs Water park, hiking or biking the surrounding trails, play basketball and volleyball in the campground. They can even buy a property on the grounds.
This privately owned campground is located at Summersville in West Virginia. It has all the modern facilities for the benefits of campers.
Woolly Primitive Campground, Summersville
Campers can go swimming boating, fishing, surfing, Whitewater paddling in the nearby Gauley River. There are hiking trails, climbing spots for Nature-lovers.
People often forget to spend time with their near and dear ones. The beautiful camping spots all across West Virginia can give them that opportunity to enjoy nature in the company of family and friends.