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Best Hiking Trails in Boulder, Colorado

Yashasma Savkur
Boulder offers some amazing rocky mountains with challenging trails along with beautiful views to enjoy.
Located on Mapleton Ave, this trail can be quite challenging and steep that makes it all the more interesting.
Mount Sanitas
Although, it compensates that with its beauty and natural view of Boulder during the tough hike.
A 1.9-kilometer trail near Boulder, Colorado mainly used for hiking, running, walking and nature trails. This is a pet friendly trail with beautiful wild flowers along the route.
Chautauqua Park
First and Second Flatiron Loop
A 4-kilometer long trail that is known to be difficult, is located in Chautauqua Park.
The trail offers a range of view, passing through open meadows, long ridges and stunning hoodoos and snow capped mountains surrounding the trail.
A 11.9-kilometer long classic trail that begins at the south Mesa trailhead, south of Boulder, Colorado.
Boulder Creek Trail
It is a network of complex trails that can be exhausting yet exciting to explore the beauty of Mesa.
A 13.6-kilometer round trail that passes through breathtaking views of grass and flowering meadows, pine woods, creek draws and unique view of prairies at the foothill.
Mesa Trail Loop
Green Mountain Summit Hike
This trail is situated at the north end of Chatauqua Park that is known to be the heart of Boulder.
This trail has jaw dropping view of surrounded mountains and is a very challenging route.
A 5.6-kilometer long trail that takes you away from the noise of the city.
Eldorado Canyon State Park
The canyon walls make the trail peaceful and trails along streams and caves make the hike even more adventurous.
The name of this trail is inspired from a bird, Bobolink that can be spotted here along with other seasonal birds.
Bobolink Trail
This trail is known to be smooth and easy with beautiful nature views along the hike.
A long and tiring 11.9-kilometer trail that will keep you engaged with the wildlife, breathtaking views of mountain peaks, wildflowers and meadows.
Bear Peak Summit
The hike gets more interesting if you spot deer, bears and birds along your path.
Bald mountain offers a very easy hike for beginners with only a mile-long trail.
Bald Mountain Scenic Area
The alpine flowers are rewarding once you reach the peak of 7,160 feet of the mountain.