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Best Hiking Trails in Colorado Springs

Shantanu Godase
Planning to go for hiking this weekend with your friends? Well, Colorado Springs has the best hiking trails for you.
Whether it is a leisurely stroll under the towering rock formation or adventurous hikes and rides through the lush alpine forests, Colorado Springs brings the best of both worlds to you. Here are the top hiking trails in Colorado Springs that you must explore.
Garden Of The Gods Park
This hiking trail is one of the most popular trails among all the adventure junkies.
You will come across both paved and natural trails – thus, you can choose the best one, depending upon the kind of exploration that you want to do.
The beautiful rock formations as well as the stunning views of Pikes Peak in this area are the highlights of the park.
This hiking spot offers an easy to moderate hiking experience. There are different trails winding along the ridges and canyons of red rock.
Red Rock Canyon Open Space
You can take a beautiful view of the Garden of the Gods from this hiking spot. Many trails in this area are interconnected with each other. Make the most of the free-ride bike park.
This park is located south of Colorado Springs. It lets you explore the beautiful diversities of nature on the 2,700 acres of area.
Cheyenne Mountain State Park
The beautiful biking and hiking trails are a must-explore for all the adventure junkies. This place offers an easy to moderate hiking experience.
This park overlooks the city, thereby offering stunning hiking and biking trails to all the adventure enthusiasts.
Palmer Park
There is an enclosed off-leash dog park along with a separate off-leash area offering beautiful views. The difficulty level of hiking is easy to moderate.
The unique rock formations of this area serve as a highlight of this hiking trail. These formations are the result of a recent geological uplift.
Austin Bluffs Open Space
This hiking area stretches 585 acres. You can access it from two trailheads. The difficulty level of hiking at this spot is easy to moderate.
You can make the most of many activities at this hiking trail that offers an easy hiking experience.
Fountain Creek Park
Thus, even when you are a beginner you can make the most of your hiking adventure. The beautiful ponds, streams, marshes, and wildlife habitat of this place makes it all the more popular.
Midland Trail is an easy hiking spot that stretches 5-mile in terms of its area. Some parts of this trail are located on the street.
Midland Trail
You can start hiking on this trail even when you are a beginner. The trail runs from Manitou town to America.
This 12-mile hiking trail is not for beginners. You can escape to this place to calm your adventure soul. You can hike to the summit and then book a ride back down the mountain.
Barr Trail
The outdoors make a great choice to enjoy other activities. You can even dine in the open and make the most of your weekend in this area.
Now that you are aware of the best hiking trails in Colorado Springs, it’s time to set yourself on this amazing adventure and indulge in a lot of fun!