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10 Best Hiking Trails in Los Angeles

Richa Singh
You can go for either a 2-mile hike or a 4.5-mile hike.
Paradise Falls, Wildwood Park
Both the trails will take you to the beautiful waterfall, where you can swim your heart out. But, beware of the steepness, especially during winters.
Echo Mountain
This 5-mile out-and-back trail is a challenging one, with steep routes and almost no shade.
The view from the top is definitely worth the efforts. Be sure to click some pictures with the beautiful ruins near the turnaround point.
This 3-mile round trip is suitable for all age groups.
Eaton Canyon
You will find the beautiful Eaton Canyon lower waterfalls at the turn around point. Nature lovers are surely gonna love it.
This historical trail has been in use for hundreds of years now. It is strewn with native artifacts and old stage coaches. One can enjoy amazing views of the valley.
Santa Susana Pass
The park offers multiple trails for all age groups. It’s a famous spot and has featured in many TV shows and Hollywood movies. The abundance of greenery makes it an ideal spot for nature lovers.
Malibu Creek State Park
Wildwood Canyon
This 2-mile round-trip hike has all the comforts in its offering: picnic spots, restrooms, drinking water. It overlooks the city and provides refreshing views of the same.
Mount Baldy
This is famous among those who love challenging treks. It’s a perfect combination of daring trail and breathtaking views. Be sure to check on your stamina before you go for this one.
Griffith Park Trails
Griffith National Park covers some 4000+ acres of land and has numerous trails, in easy to moderate range. Its Boston Canyon Cave has featured in many Hollywood movies.
Runyon Canyon
In this 3-mile-long trail, you can simply walk at your leisure pace. The place is ideal for people who love to mingle with happy crowd. Superb views of Hollywood sign are an added advantage.