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Best Hiking Trails in Ohio

Harshada Kekare
Located in the northern reaches of Hocking Hills. This place is best known for its deep valleys, high cliffs, rock shelter and this park area includes vast hiking trails.
Cantwell Cliffs
Located in southeast Ohio, it's a quiet Park best known for its scenery of wooded hills and valley farms. It has 28 miles of trails which is also available for horseback riding.
Burr Oak State Park
It's a nature reserve located east of Yellow Springs, Ohio. It has attractions like towering cliffs, cascading waterfalls and interesting rock formations.
Glen Helen Preserve
Located at Clear Creek Road in Rockbridge, this park offers different of trails so there’s something for all groups of hikers. Also offers restrooms and access to several trails.
Clear Creek Metro Park
This is a nicely maintained park; with numerous trails for camping, horseback riding and picnicking areas. You will find a playground and a challenging 18-hole Frisbee golf course.
Great Seal State Park
This easy trail features gorgeous views of Powel Crosley Lake. You will find 3 options of Trails - easy, moderate and difficult to explore your capacity.
Cincinnati Nature Woods
It's a state park in the Hocking Hills region of Hocking County. The park is best known for its spectacular rock formations and waterfalls.
Hocking Hills State Park
Located in southwestern Ohio, Caesar Park has 7,900 acres of land. Best place for mountain bikers and horseback riders, the park boasts of 74 miles of trails.
Caesar Creek State Park
Located in southwestern Ohio in the east of Waynesville, it is perfect for a short day hike where you will encounter gorgeous views, a swinging bridge and a waterfall.
Horseshoe Falls
Lies along the Cuyahoga River between the Ohio cities of Cleveland and Akron. This park offers 125 miles of hiking trails and is accessible to nearly all visitors.
Cuyahoga Valley
It's a metropolitan park located in Youngstown, Ohio. It has 15 miles of walking and hiking trails in the park. The park is home to three man-made lakes.
Mill Creek Park
It's a 1110 acre state park in Ashland County. This park is surrounded by the Mohican-Memorial State Forest and you will get an opportunity to see two waterfalls here.
Mohican State Park