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Best Hiking Trails in Pennsylvania

Megha Chakraborty
Pennsylvania is indeed a pastoral beauty in spades, to avoid the bustling of cities, this state has enough wildness to satisfy anyone who is craving for a hike and an adventure.
Montour Trail
This 63-mile multi-use trail occupies Pennsylvania Railroad in suburban Pittsburgh, making it one of the nation’s most extensive non-motorized suburban rail-trails in the United States.
This trail was also named as "Pennsylvania 2017 trail of the year". This trail is a flat, easy hike especially for those who would prefer strenuous workout.
This rugged 84-mile hiking trail stretches through Fulton, Huntingdon, and Mifflin counties and is a part of the popular 1,600-mile Great Eastern Trail.
Standing Stone Trail
The trail is already marked with orange blazes and also features beautiful wild flowers. However, the trail is recommended for experienced hikers.
The 21.5-mile Heritage Rail Trail runs from New York to the border of Maryland, is the most historically scenic trails in Pennsylvania.
Heritage Rail Trail County Park
This trail consists of seven railroad structures on the National Register of Historic Places as well as an operating tourism train along with 10-miles of track.
Falls Trail (Ricketts Glen State Park)
Falls Trail in Ricketts Glen State Park is the ultimate waterfall hike. This park is home to stunning 22 waterfalls which also includes the jaw dropping 90-foot Ganoga Falls.
The 7.2-mile trail, however, has a variety of challenges, including steep climbs and slippery surfaces. But, if you're up for it, you will definitely be rewarded with sensational views of 22 waterfalls.
Keep an eye out for elk as you go for a hike through Moshannon and Elk State Forests on this famous Quehanna Loop Trail.
Quehanna Loop Trail
This full trail loop is 75 miles with the wild and primitive landscape along with stunningly scenic hikes. This is one of the best trails for getting a taste of outdoor Pennsylvania.
The longest 156-mile multi-use trail, the Great Allegheny Passage stretches from southeast Pittsburgh to Cumberland, Maryland linking up with the C&O Canal.
Great Allegheny Passage
If you are new to hiking, customize and plan your distance, along the route there are many welcoming small towns for travelers with lodging, camping, markets and dining.
Turkey Path Trail
The Turkey Path Trail is a 2 mile short and rugged trail which starts at the rim of the Pennsylvania, Grand Canyon offering breath-taking views of the deep gorge below.
Along the trail, you will encounter wooden walkways, bridges ,beautiful vista and stunning waterfalls, you can also explore the state park natural area which is popular there.
The most popular and impressive feature of Trough Creek State Park is Balanced Rock which is a difficult and steep hiking trail.
Balanced Rock Trail
This 0.12 miles will take you to the unusual geological formation of Balanced Rock. It also features Rainbow Falls, along narrow ledges and cliffs.