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Best Hiking Trails in the Superstition Mountains, Arizona

Ketki Dongare
Seek out on an adventure in the largest mountain ranges in Phoenix. 100 of trails to choose from at the Superstition Mountains, some make the rugged terrains the best for a perfect hike.

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Did You Know?

The Superstitions, just a 40-mile drive from Phoenix, are home to over 2,000 varieties of cactus spread over acres and acres of wilderness.

Peralta Trail

Climb up the most popular trail path in the Superstitions, having an elevation of 1,360 ft above the Peralta Canyon.

Flatiron Trail

This trail is not for the faint-hearted people. Climbing up with a 2,781 ft vertical ascent is surely to leave you breathless. That being said, the panoramic view from top of the summit is a reward.

Siphon Draw Trail

On a sunny, hot day, the trail is a perfect setting, for its bold canyons surround from both sides creating a closing, and narrowing the wind in. 

Apache Trail

The 'Lost Dutchman' trail in search of gold, is truly a scenic hike along the Desert of Arizona. You may not find the gold, but the sweeping views are definitely a treasure.

Treasure Loop Trail

Relatively easy and a modest incline allows all levels of climbers to access the trail, without any beforehand preparations.

Battleship Mountain

Amid dramatic peaks, red canyons, and desert landscapes, the trail hike offers diverse and unique spectacles along with the 360 degree view of the desert below.

Bluff Springs Trail

Backpack in the Superstition Wilderness over a few hill peaks and walk past straight the Weaver's Needle. This trail is perfect for setting a campsite for a night.