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8 of the Best Places for Bungee Jumping in New Zealand

Sreedevi Nair
Bitten by the adventure bug? Looking for some hardcore adrenaline rush? Head away to New Zealand!
New Zealand is known for its stunning, tranquil nature panoramas. But look closer and you get to quench your thirst for extreme adventures.
New Zealand’s Queenstown is infact known as the ’Adventure Capital of the World’. Not just in Queenstown, other regions of New Zealand also share the passion for adventure sports.
From its collection of eclectic adventure sports available in New Zealand, Bungee Jumping has been a favorite among adventure junkies.
Bungee jumping in New Zealand is an experience where you get the perfect dose of adrenaline kick amid stunning landscapes.
Here are top 8 places to check out for an exhilarating Bungee Jumping experience in New Zealand.
Gear up for a heart-stopping leap of faith at the third highest bungee jump in the world located in Queenstown, South Island.
The Nevis Bungee Jump
Enjoy a free fall of 47 meters as you flung off a platform that surrounds the exquisite mountain and lake views. Start with a gondola ride to the jump ledge and then gear up to take the plunge freestyle.
The Ledge Bungee Jump
One of the best spots to enjoy a scenic city skyline view while you enjoy a bungee jumping experience. You get to leap off the iconic Auckland Sky Tower - the tallest tower in New Zealand.
Auckland Skytower Bungee Jump
Another stunning spot to gear up for a bungee jumping experience, Auckland Harbour Bridge offers heart-racing adventure with a chance to plunge into the ocean below.
Auckland Harbour Bridge Bungee Jump
Considered as the very first spot where adventurers plunged down to abyss while tied to a harness, this bungee jump makes you gather your courage to leap off a popular bridge in Queenstown.
Kawarau Bridge Bungee Jump
One of the most picturesque panoramas to fuse with heart-racing thrill, Rotorua bungee jump will make you shriek in awe rather than fright and excitement.
Rotorua Bungee Jump
New Zealand’s only cliff-top bungee jump site, Taupo is a refreshing destination for adventure thrills amid a 360-degree panorama of natural sceneries.
Taupo Bungee Jump
For the fearless daredevils, gear up for the ultimate plunge to ground at the world’s highest cliff-bungee jumping experience.
Shotover Canyon Swing
The jump platform is located 109 meters above the Shotover River and you free-fall for 60 meters and then the acceleration of the fall swings you on to the rugged canyons.
A slightly different version of bungee jumping experience, this adventure lets you plunge and swing rather than leaving you dangling above the river.
Feel the spine chilling tingle before you leap! Find yourself in the rush of excitement and the feeling of letting it all go… New Zealand is your ultimate adventure destination.