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10 Best Places for Fishing in Iceland

Harshada Kekare
Iceland has many scenic spots. And with so much water around, that definitely means scenic spots from which you can fish.
Korpa River
It's a small but prolific salmon river close by Reykjavik. A ideal location for travelers who want to easily try salmon fishing in Iceland.
Svarta River
It's one of the best Brown Trout rivers in north-west Iceland. The river is located in North West Iceland and is a tributary to the Blanda river.
Sog River
Located in South Iceland. You will find a large quantity of salmon and arctic char. The surroundings of the river are best known for its active birdlife.
River Varma
It's a favorite among local and visiting fishermen and is known to be one of the prime rivers for sea trout in Iceland. You will find brown trout, sea trout and arctic char here.
Thingvallavatn Lake
It's a rift valley lake in southwestern Iceland and it's also declared a national park. The lake is well known for its scenery and it supports four varieties of arctic char.
River Laxa
Laxa in Kjos is one of the top 10 producing Atlantic Salmon rivers in Iceland. This is one of Iceland's major salmon rivers.
Galtalaekur River
Galtalaekur river is a tributary of West Ranga river. It has diverse kinds of fishing spots and known for an abundance of brown trout.
River Holaa
It's situated in the southern part of Iceland. HolaĆ” river is one of the most popular day tours fishing locations in southern Iceland.
Steinsmyrarvotn Lake
This south coastline fishery is a lake complex with several slow running streams, beautiful waters in absolutely stunning location. Best fishing location for Arctic char.
River Leirvogsa
River Leirvogsa runs just outside Reykjavik's city limits. The lake abounds in lake char and brown trout, one of Iceland's top Salmon river too.