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Best Places for Hiking in Denver

Megha Chakraborty
Denver, Colorado is the gateway for some of the most beautiful mountain passes, winding back-country adventurous trails, and scenic visits in the United States.
If you want to summit one of Colorado's 14,000 feet high trail, then the Barr Trail is the one for you, as it is a 24 mile round-trip haul and it goes to the top of Pikes Peak.
Barr Trail
Once you get there you can enjoy the view across Colorado and into Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, and Kansas, along with the curvature of the planet.
The Red Rocks Park is surrounded by the towering red rock formations, which is just 25 minutes west of Denver near the town of Morrison, covering a 1.4-mile loop trail.
Red Rocks Park
Along with great views, Red Rocks is also famous for its iconic outdoor concert venue. You can also pay a visit to the popular amphitheater, if concerts are not going on.
What you’ll never forget while exploring the Chautauqua park is the pristine views of the Flatirons Mountains. Here, you can expect easy and quick strolls to physically intense hikes.
Chautauqua Park
This 5.5 miles round trip takes you through the summit from the Green Mountain and back, you can also enjoy the gorgeous mountain views while hiking.
This Lake Recreation Area is the actual start of Rocky Mountain wilderness. The 7.9 mile round-trip sits on the Continental Divide with multiple hiking trails and stunning views.
Brainard Lake Recreation Area
Brainard is actually a quintessential Colorado with a marvelous alpine lake, rugged snow-capped peaks, wildflowers during the summer and spring.
The Summit Adventure Trail is a 9.1 mile round trip. On the way you can also enjoy incredible views of Big Thompson Canyon and the eastern plains.
Summit Adventure Trail
This trail can get steep towards the top, this trail is a part of Round Mountain National Recreation Trail system that also consists of the Foothills Nature Trail.
Castle Rock, Colorado is situated to the south of Denver and north of Colorado Springs, it is a 1.4-mile loop trail to the base of the rock.
Castle Rock Trail
Hikers can also enjoy the panoramic views of the Downtown Castle Rock, the I-25 corridor, Pikes Peak and the Front Range.
Booth Creek Falls is a 60-foot waterfall situated in the Eagles Nest Wilderness near Vail, Colorado. It is a 2 miles hike along the banks of booth creek.
Booth Falls Trail
You can also enjoy an extraordinary view of the falls, Post-hike you might as well act like a local and hit up the rustic charmer Bart and Yeti’s, and enjoy the local live music.
Hikers who would rather prefer exploring something hidden than go for the common hiking trails, then you can go for this 12.3 miles round trip along with Mirror, Gourd and Crater lakes.
Stone Lake
This lake trail offers fishing, camping photogenic views of the Indian Peaks, forests along with grassy shorelines, rocky outcrops and elevated terraces.
So now you can experience Denver’s stunning sceneries with these hikes, also you will end up with memories that will compel you to come back again.