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Best Places to Go for Fishing in Alaska

Megha Chakraborty
Located in the north of America, Alaska is like a Disneyland for fishing lovers, with it’s shoreline of 47,300 miles, this state has marvelous fishing spots. So grab your favorite fishing rod and steel and, head out to catch the biggest fish ever.
Bristol Bay
Bristol Bay, a part of the Bering Sea has some of the biggest salmon fish in the world. Apart from sockeye salmon, you can also try to fish king, silver, and chum salmon too.
Kodiak Island
This Island is 160km long and 15-80km wide and the Karluk River is the main source here, It is one of the finest spots for fishing salmon and trout.
Kobuk River
Located in the Arctic region of north-western Alaska ,this River is a renowned shellfish country, and you can also find largest species of whitefish.
Innoko River
This 500-mile tributary of the Yukon River is located in the state of Alaska, this river produces some of the supreme pike fishes that is often over 30 pounds.
Located right between the Katmai National Park and Preserve, this is a remarkable, lush river where a Fly fisherman can have a field day and the the rainbow trout here are actual souvenir material.
Kvichak River
Indian Creek, Anchorage Bowl
The stream is located just 20.9 miles from Anchorage, near Hope where a fish lover can find a variety of fish including coho salmon, dolly varden and pink salmon here.
Wosnesenski River
This river is located just 9.9 miles from Homer, in Kenai Peninsula Borough, Alaska. It is an amazing spot for fishing and you can also find a great camping spot for night stay.
Kasilof River
Situated near to the Kenai River, it is quite popular in Alaska and you can easily catch King Salmon in Kasilof River.
The Chena River
There is nothing better than the Chena River, if you want to catch the Arctic Grayling. This river has a history of providing 18 inch fishes.
Bird Creek
Located 30 miles south of Anchorage, Bird Creek provides a great run of Silver Salmon as well as small Pink Salmon, Sockeye or Red Salmon, and Chum Salmon.
Located just outside of Keystone Canyon, if you are planning to catch some extraordinary fishes in Alaska it is an excellent location for fishing Salmon.
Lowe River
Kenai River
The longest river in the Kenai Peninsula of south central Alaska is known for Chinook or the “King” salmon and trophy-sized wild rainbow trout.
Homer is well known as the "Halibut Fishing Capital of the World". And one of the amazing things in Homer is the fact that you can hire your own fishing boat for an entire day.
Campbell Point Lake
This is an 8.6 acre lake located in the Kincaid Park and the best thing about this lake is it’s stocked with arctic char, rainbow trout and landlocked salmon.