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Best Places to Go for Hiking in Hong Kong

Vinam Pachkhede
Known as a concrete jungle, Hong Kong’s scenic beauty is often overlooked. Hike through the numerous trails, that are quick, inexpensive, and full of beautiful views.

Lion Rock

Known as one of the most challenging trek, this rocky path will treat you with beautiful views of Hong Kong and Kowaloon Island.

Tai Tun Sang

Part of the Sai Kang trail, the path is deep inside, so tag along with a well informed group. Get a panoramic, jaw dropping ocean view up at the peak.

Dragon’s Back Mountain Trail

Do not miss out on adventures like paragliding, surfing, kite flying. Declared as the best urban hike by Times Magazine, you will be rewarded with breathtaking views here.

Lantau Peak

Find a beautiful Buddha Statue at the top. Opt for Nong Ping cable car while returning to get a scenic view of the place.

Lamma Island

Choosing the trail will be bidding for beautiful views at different points. Walk through the green carpet of the island to reach the spot.

Beacon Hill

The path towards the hill is fairly plain, making it easy for hiking. Watch the dense cityscape and catch the sight of Hong Kong’s old airport from the top.

MacLehose Trail

Come across different stages throughout the trek, each offering distinct views. The trail is named after Hong Kong’s longest serving Governor, Sir Murray McLehose.

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Stage 1 goes through the eight country parks and Stage 2 offers the view of four beaches, calling themselves the popular stages. Grab the amazing view of the once active volcano Tai Mo Shan at Stage 7 and 8.

Violet Twin Hill

You will come across Wong Nai Chang Reservoir along the path. The skyline meeting the sea is a visual treat.

Victoria Peak

The main attraction of this place is the ‘Peak Tram’ which offers enchanting city views.

Sharp Peak

Justifying it's name, the trek towards this peak is really challenging. But you will be paid off with views of four different beaches.

High Junk Peak

Hiking for just 20 minutes will take you to this peak. Enjoy the blissful cool breeze and sea food after the afternoon trek.

Sunset Peak

It is Hong Kong’s third tallest summit. You will definitely enjoy the view of Lantau Peak and the offshore islands colored in orange-red hues.

Suicide Cliff

The peak is named because of its bent nose and tricky path. Ignore the scary name and plan your hike for the winsome view of the city’s skyline.