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Best Spots for Scuba Diving in Thailand

Live Life Ocean Size!!
Priyanka Wadhwani
Scuba diving is an adventurous water sport often performed as a fun activity & is considered as one of the major attractions in coastline countries.
Although Scuba Diving is an amazing experience in itself, but performing this sport in Thailand is a surreal experience.
Thailand offers a sight to behold, with stunningly colorful and vibrant coral reefs, pristine beaches, long coastline, various species of fishes and the world famous manta rays.
Aren’t you already excited to gear up for this activity right away?? Come let’s dive in, to know some of the best places for Scuba Diving in Thailand.
Not very crowded, Surin Islands is a perfect choice for fish lovers. Known for its dense forests with beaches surrounded by corals, it also gives you a chance to spot a whale or a manta.
Surin Islands
An epitome of natural wonder, boasting crystal clear waters, enormous small creatures like reef sharks, turtles, and seahorses. It has shallow sea where the coral is easily visible, making it an ideal scuba diving spot.
Phi Phi Islands
Diving in Koh Tao gives you a heavenly experience of underwater life. Filled with enormous whale sharks, leopard sharks, bull sharks, colorful reef fish, soft corals, calm shallow bays, limestone formations, coral gardens, reefs nursery making it a wildlife desire.
Koh Tao
One of the best places for scuba diving in the world, these islands amaze you with their serene beaches, clear waters and abundance of marine life. Beneath the waves wait for you a wide variety of corals, fish, leopard sharks & turtles.
Similan Islands
The largest and the most commercial one in the country, Phuket is blessed with yellow tube corals and eels. Ideal for beginners with facilities of shore diving, scuba diving is the best experience here.
Giving you the most thrilling experience of scuba diving, Koh Samui is the second largest in the country. It is popular for its dense rainforest, coconut beaches and palm trees. Extensive variety of fauna and corals, make it worth watching.
Koh Samui
Mangroves all over, sky reaching cliffs, countless offshore islands, gorgeous beaches, diverse marine wildlife, plentiful diving opportunities that let you view squids and stingrays to black-tip reef sharks, Krabi is unmissable.
If you have only a few days in Thailand and you wish to explore it to the fullest, Pattaya (the sin city) is unmatchable. Along with the startling nightlife, the city also offers great opportunities for adventurous sports, including scuba diving.
Ever witnessed amazingly beautiful leopard sharks? Koh Lanta has it in abundance. Take a boat to reach the pretty scenic dive spots. Get lucky enough to spot a whale shark & manta in the reef.
Koh Lanta
The biggest shipwreck in Thailand, which has created an artificial reef, attracting a mass of scuba divers, Ko Chang is another great place in Thailand. Night diving, butterflyfish, batfish, groupers, shrimp fish and the 100 m long ship are worth exploring.
Ko Chang
Discover an all new world underwater and explore the beauty of marine wildlife..