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Best Surfing Spots in Hawaii

Chaitrali Datar
Situated in USA in the Pacific Ocean, Hawaii is a beautiful island state and the only state in the tropics.
It is an extremely popular destination for surfing.
  • The island is the most isolated landmass on earth.
  • It is the gateway to a 360 degree swell window.
  • It causes currents and winds from all sides, making the condition ideal for surfing.
The best part is you can go surfing all the year round!
Top spots for Surfing in Hawaii
  • One of the home base for surfing, the island has also got stunning views.
  • It is a perfect ground for beginners as well as advanced surfers.
Diamond Head Cliffs
  • Situated on South Shore in Oahu, Diamond Head is a famous volcano.
  • At the edge of it lies the island and the area for surfing.
The surf waves are pretty calm in the morning, with gradually increasing as day progresses.
The surfing spots here caters to both beginners and advanced swimmers.
Sunset Beach
  • The beach is very popular among locals and visitors.
  • A lot of surfing competitions are also held here.
The waves are deep and hollow and provide the right swells for surfing.
Surfing here, mostly caters to advanced swimmers due to the intensity of the waves.
  • Gorgeous beaches and picturesque location spell a perfect recipe for surfing.
  • Though the waves are quite high, it is surely a memorable experience.
Launiupoko State Wayside Park
Situated on the Westside of the island, it is a perfect spot for surfing with relatively long reef waves along with a consistent level.
Beginners rejoice! It is the ideal surfing ground for learners!
The swells become huge and deep as you grow further inside the beach.
Honolua Bay
One of the most popular surfing place, it is crowded with locals, so you need to book your surfing spot before hand.
  • The Bay has highly large swells, and amazing barrel sections.
  • It is perfect for advanced surfers as there are strong currents and shallow reef lines.
Surfers ready to go for a dip!
  • The surf spots in Kauai are seasonal with the north end for winter months and south end ideal for summer.
  • It is also a good island for relaxing and a quiet time.
Kiahuna Beach
Situated at the South end of the island, this beach has a reef which passes along the coastline, with consistent waves.
The best part about this beach is both the advanced and beginners can enjoy surfing!
There are also plenty of restaurants nearby which serve delicious sea food.
All set for Surfing!!!
Hanalei Bay
  • It is one of the largest Bays on Kauai Island.
  • It has around two miles of beach surrounded by mountains.
Apart from surfing this is also an excellent spot for paddle boarding and swimming.
Winter is a popular time to surf in the Hanalei, as the waves are really large and worth your surfing time.
Other popular Surfing destinations in Hawaii...
Pine Trees, Big Island
  • It has a crescent shaped beach situated on the Kona coast.
  • You will get the best barbeque here.
  • Caters to both advanced as well as beginners.
Backyards, Ohau
  • Situated in North Shore, Oahu, it has really big, huge swells.
  • Surfers will have a gala time here.
  • Watch out for the cliffs and reefs.
Thousand Peaks, Maui
  • Situated in Maui, Southwest, this is a spot just ideal for beginners.
  • The beach is very clean, with small waves.
  • You may also get to see turtles.
Tips for safe Surfing
  • Always follow the instructions of the lifeguard.
  • Surf with a friend.
  • Check the tides and weather beforehand.
  • Always wear a leash.
  • Always hold surfboard to your side.