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Best Thrilling Activities and Attractions in Cody, Wyoming

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Priyasha Goswami

Cody, Wyoming

A city in Northwest Wyoming, United States, founded by Colonel William Frederick Cody, henceforth famously known as "Buffalo Bill Center of the West".
Featuring some historical facts & cowboy music in the air, Cody is known as the "Wild West way into Yellowstone". With its spectacular views & wild west vibe, Cody has so much to offer to its visitors.

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Interesting Fact:

The stretch of highway between Cody, Wyoming and the East Gate of Yellowstone National Park is known as “The 50 most beautiful miles in America”, as once referred by President Theodore Roosevelt.

Experience Thrills

If you have a knack for experiencing adventurous journeys, then Cody is just the right place for you. Explore the thrilling wild west by visiting Cody Night Rodeo & live gunfight re-enactment show at Irma Hotel.

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1. Cody Night Rodeo

"Rodeo Capital of the World"

2. Gunfight Show at Irma Hotel

Irma Hotel - Built by Buffalo Bill Cody and named after one of his daughters.
The feel of the live gunfight show takes you back to the old wild west country.

"Real adventures make you feel alive."

Your adventure is not just over yet. You can enjoy the Wyoming river trips by diving wet in White Water Rafting in the Shoshone River. If you love the landscapes from the above, then Rock Climbing is an opportunity for you.

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3. White Water Rafting in the Shoshone River

The raft moves through the Red Rock Canyon. The views are picturesque and breathtaking.

4. Rock Climbing

It feels wondrous when the views change from rock by rock. The excitement of reaching the summit and capturing the unseen is once in a lifetime experience. 

Most popular climbing routes to explore:
Mean Green, Moonrise, The Moratorium, High on Boulder, Broken Hearts
Cody, Wyoming - an escapade spot, offers some other opportunities such as to explore the mountain biking, hiking, kayaking, fly fishing & horseback riding. It is true, Cody does fulfill the adventure desires of its visitants.

5. Mountain Biking

Some of the best mountain biking trails are Daily Grind, Final Approach, Johnny's G's, Rockman, & Outlaw Access. These are referred by the locals, as they say.

6. Hiking

Hiking trails in Cody gives you the opportunity to explore the beautiful country life. Some of the hiking trails recommended are Rattlesnake Mountain, Castle Rock, Shoshone National Forest & Yellowstone National Park.
These hiking trails allow you the countenance of wildlife animals.

A word of caution:- It is advised to be familiar with the rules and to practice safety measures.

Sauntering the History

Your visit to Cody, Wyoming, is unaccomplished if you haven't paid a visit to the "Buffalo Bill Center of the West". Asunder from the adventurous expedition, you can also check out museums of historical importance.
The enthralling magnificence of the museums in Cody is astonishing. You can visit Whitney Gallery of Western Art, Plains Indian Museum, Buffalo Bill Museum, Cody Firearms Museum & Draper Museum of Natural History.

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Cody's Calling

Rejoice in the pristine wild west countryside & find yourself at peace with nature. Happy Tripping!