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Best Baits for Trout Fishing

The best trout bait comes in a wide assortment of types to help you catch it without hassles, luring them right to you when you're out fishing.
Naomi Sarah

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The first thing that comes to mind for those who love seafood, specifically fish, is yum. Grilled, baked, or fried, fish can be cooked into submission, from stinky rawness to heavenly perfection on a plate.

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Trout, being one of thousands of fish species, is known for being a number one catch among fishers. Fishing has been around for ages, with techniques being sharpened over the centuries on how to catch them better.

Choicest Bait for Trout Fishing

Choosing the right bait is everything. Regular and amateur fishers alike, who don't know which bait is popular among trouts, can find these suggestions helpful.
Minnows: Make sure you carry a bait bucket with you, since minnows (14-inch silvery fish) aren't easy to carry. You can also get packaged, salted minnows that are a good substitute for the real thing, saving you the trouble of keeping them alive.

Salmon Eggs: Known for giving off a scent that trouts like, salmon eggs make for a very effectual bait.

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Insects: Fly fishing is known to bag trout, specifically rainbow trouts. Fishers use flies, live crickets, or even grasshoppers as trout bait.

Worms: Rainbow trouts are known to love worms, so make sure you dip your fishing line near the river bed, since it is important to attract trouts that swim at the bottom.
Leeches: Another good bait that needs to be kept alive in order to use to catch trout.

Dough Baits: These baits make trouts go into a frenzy, and are ideal for using during fishing.

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Lures: The three known lures that are commonly used are spinners, jigs, and spoons. Make sure you keep extras on hand since they tend to snag. Keep a collection of different colors and sizes, to lure in trout depending on what attracts them that day.
There isn't a single bait that scores as the best. You'd have to experiment with the different kinds and come to an understanding of what it is that trouts are more prone to get attracted to. The best baits are always the ones that are commonly used today, and if fishers discover new ways of getting hoards of trouts at a go, then there's nothing like it.