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Best Ventura Camping Sites

Meenakshi Sutar
Enjoying a warm and mediterranean climate, the city of Ventura is a happening tourist destination in California known for its history and camping options. Thousands of adventure-seekers flock to this city for an exquisite camping experience by the sea.

Faria Beach Park

A beautiful rocky beach side campground. The amazing sound of waves crashing the rocks beats the road noise. You will forget your worries and anxieties watching the beautiful sunrise and sunset here.

Ventura Ranch KOA

Enjoy adventure activities like rock climbing and zip-lining in Ventura Ranch KOA. Pleasing nature trails and peacocks would mesmerize you. You can also enjoy a relaxing time with your family and friends on a campfire.

Channel Islands National Park

Visit this National Park composing of five islands that have their own fascinating attractions.

Anacapa Island

The small island is full of spectacular views of the coastline. Enjoy a wonderful hike to a trekking trail leading up to the Anacapa lighthouse that was constructed in 1912.

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Santa Cruz Island

Witness the amazing sea caves that were formed by the continuous waves hitting the coastline. This natural formation would make you simply speechless. The picturesque view of the sunset will really enchant you.

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Santa Rosa Island

Visit this beautiful Island and hike to watch the Torrey pines containing the rarest pine trees in the world.

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Santa Barbara Island

This Southernmost Island is famous for seabirds. Watching these unique seabirds will give you a pleasant experience.

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San Miguel Island

Visit Point Bennett with blue water on this Island where you can see hundreds of sea lions and seals on the beach. A truly adorable place to spend leisure time.

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Emma Wood State Beach

This beach is the best destination for watching beautiful sunsets and dolphins. Exploring this quiet place gives you a solitude for reflection.

Lake Casitas Recreation Area

This beautiful place is popular for camping, boating, kayaking and biking. Great place for a family picnic.

Ventura Pier and Promenade

The historic Ventura Pier, the eighth-longest pier in California, was established in 1872. It is a famous tourist attraction for fishing and sunset watching.

Mission San Buenaventura

If you are an enthusiast of historic places, then visit this Roman Catholic Church founded in 1782. Also renowned as “Mission by the Sea”, this structure is deemed as a California Historical Landmark.

Grant Park

Witness a huge replica of the cross that was once placed on this hill during the Mission Era at Grant Park. You can also see the famous Channel Islands and the beautiful beaches surrounding the area from the top.

Ventura Botanical Gardens

Enjoy nature walk and hiking. Know native plants exploring this green recreational space.
If you want to get refreshed and have some relaxation away from your routine chaos of life, do visit this fantastic destination having all nature, adventure, and pleasure that will recharge you for months.