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Buying Outdoor Canopies

Natasha Bantwal
What a shame to stay indoors a beautiful sunny weekend? Wouldn't it be just perfect to pack a picnic basket and head outside to spend time with your family watching your children enjoy themselves? However, don't forget to invest in a good outdoor canopy, which not only protects your guests and family from the harsh summer sun, but also from rain, and snow.
It can be best described as an overhanging projection, like a long canvas awning stretched over poles and even ropes, to provide shade and protection in an open space outside.
Not only is an outdoor canopy meant for providing shade outdoors, but also provides protection to your valuable outdoor assets from various elements. Canopies serve as cover, shade, shelter for your patio, yard, garden, parking space, plants, flowers, camping area, and pool. Furthermore, canopies can be used for parties and weddings too, depending on the size of the canopy obviously.

Installing a Canopy

A canopy can be installed as a permanent structure or as a retractable, foldable canopy, for outdoor relaxation and entertainment. Instant canopies can easily be installed manually or put up without any special tools.
A canopy system, tape measure, screwdriver, posts and beams, drill, posthole digger, ropes, wires, and spare parts are some items that would come in use while installing a canopy. Before starting with the installation, it is important to measure the area to be covered.
It is appropriate to begin with creating an upright frame at the decided points, by utilizing the posts and beams. They must be firmly rooted as they form the frame for the whole canopy. The mounting brackets must be fixed next.
Once they are attached to the house appropriately, the brackets can be fixed onto the constructed frame just opposite each bracket on the house. Finally, the pre-cut tracks are to be inserted and fastened to them.
Canopy fabric is available in pre-assembled form with cross members. A roller is installed at the end of each cross-member. The rollers are to be inserted into the track and the locking mechanisms fastened onto the end of each section of the track. This ensures that the canopy is locked into its extended or retracted position.
Tips and suggestions to assist with the installation process of the canopy are given by many suppliers. Some suppliers also arrange the assembling process as per your convenience.

Buying Tips to Consider

There are a number of varieties of canopies. Ground for your choice is extensive and vast with the opportunity to choose from hundreds of them easily available at retail shops and online as well. And if you are looking for one for a short period of use, outdoor canopies are available on rent too.
  • Canopies come in all shapes and sizes and can range from US $150 to over US $1000. (As it is with everything else, the budget is your limit).
  • The fabric must be paid attention to, since canopies are meant to be very durable and withstand any weather condition.
• The high quality materials used for cover will guarantee that your canopy will last longer and not perish from prolonged storage or use in harsh weather. Also, it is important to keep in mind rustproof, powder-coated poles, for the frame.
• A very popular canopy is pop-up canopy. These canopies are usually sized at about 10' x 15'. They are mostly used for sporting events or for fishing, picnicking, etc. They are also great at the beach on a hot day. No tools are needed to assemble it, as it can be assembled in a few minutes. The white polyester cover is UV-treated and water repellent too.
Even if you find a canopy on the higher side of your budget, they can be considered as a very good investment, as they can be used repeatedly. They are easily transportable and can be taken and used almost everywhere. Canopies can be purchased online with the benefit of it being delivered to your doorstep for as little as US $10.