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Camp Games and Activities

Arjun Kulkarni
Camp games and activities should be such that they keep the kids entertained and active all day. This story lists out some popular activities and games for summer camps.
When parents send their children to a summer camp, they expect the organizers to keep the kids occupied over the duration of the camp. A camp could be held for 1 to 8 weeks. Often, the first-time organizers are at a loss, when it comes to ideas for planning the perfect camping experience.
So, how do you keep a bunch of energetic kids occupied at a kids' summer camp? Well, you could do so by including some interesting games and activities.
Activities for Summer Camp
Blob Tag
This is a simple variation to the normal game of tag. A group of kids have to be organized where one person has to be 'it'. 'It' will go around trying to tag people.
The ones he tags link up with him forming a longer blob of 'it' trying to catch the remaining players. This is one of the simplest activities. For this game, all you need is more than 8 players and some playing space.

Dutch Auction

Dutch auction is one of the most interesting things to do while camping. Here, the kids are given a set limit of time to gather any goods as they can in a pillow-case. The auctioneer calls out random items and kids with a unique variety win.
If the auctioneer asks for a purple sock, the kid who has the purple sock wins. The auctioneer could also call up a talent. So, the best singer, the person telling the best jokes, the kid who can do the best tricks with a football, etc., stands to win.

Elves, Wizards, and Giants

In this game, there are three teams known as Elves, Wizards, and Giants. The members of the elves team are supposed to chase the wizards, the wizards are supposed to zap the giants, and the giants are supposed to stamp on the elves. So, each of the teams is playing against each other. The team which completes the chasing/zapping/stomping first wins.

Freeze Tag

Freeze tag is another interesting variation to the normal game of tag. One person is chosen to be 'it'. 'It' tries to tag as many people as he can, and the ones who get tagged are said to be frozen. The people who are not tagged are supposed to go under the feet of the 'frozen' players to unfreeze them, and then they can continue to play. The game goes on till all the players are frozen.

Nerf Ball Relay

Here, teams of three are formed. In this game, a nerf ball is dipped in water. Three players are supposed to carry this ball at a time with their foreheads to the other side of the field, go around a cone and back. The team that finishes first wins.

Towel Relay

Here, kids have to be teamed up into groups of 5. The objective of the game is that four players have to carry the fifth one. The catch is, they have to carry him on a wet towel. The players have to go from the start to the other side of the field, around a cone and back to the start. The team finishing first is the winning team.

TV Tag

The game of tag can have umpteen variations. In this game, 'it' goes around trying to tag people. People who get tagged are frozen. To unfreeze them, a player who is not frozen has to touch them, and say the name of a TV show. The key here is not to repeat the name of a TV show. There can be various variations to this game. For instance, you can say the names of movies, animals, actors, etc.
Camping is loads of fun not only for the kids, but also for those who organize the camp. The important thing is that both should enjoy the summer together.