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Camp Games for Kids

Girija Shinde
Camping is an evergreen activity for young kids. What makes it more memorable are the various games that are played while on these trips. This ThrillSpire post has some amazing ideas for camping games to be played on your next trip.
Organizing a camp is part difficult and part exciting. The fun part is that you get to be with lots of kids for couple of days, and the difficult part is that you are going to be with a number of kids for a couple of days! You need to come up with a list of activities to keep the little ones busy, as bored kids can be the worst kids.

Camp Games for Children

Artist, Model, and Clay

This game is played among three children, each taking his turn at a given time. One of the three kids is named the artist, the second becomes the model, and the third, clay. The artist is blindfolded. The model takes a pose. Then the clay leads the artist to the model, and lets the artist touch the model to understand the pose.
When the artist is ready, he will have to 'mold' the clay in the same pose as the model. If the artist is successful in making the clay pose exactly like the model, he wins. The game continues with the next three children. Every kid can be given a chance to be the artist, the clay, and the model. This game enhances the creativity of children.

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In this game, you need to create teams of five. Each team should go out into the forest separately. Team one should leave five to ten minutes before the next. As team one proceeds, they should leave hints for team two to catch hold of. While leaving the hints, team one can be smart and try to confuse team two by putting hints on two opposite roads!
Hints can be pieces of paper, marked branches, colored pebbles, feathers, footprints, etc. After leaving hints, team one should hide themselves behind a bush. Team one's work is done.
Now team two has to follow the trail with the help of the hints, and try to reach bushwhack location. Before team two tries to reach the site, team one can try to stop them by mock sword fighting or mock wrestling. The team which crosses all hurdles is the winner and the other is bushwhacked!

Balance Your Balloon

Make all the children sit in a circle. After that, every kid should be given a balloon with a message inside it. The child has to sit on the balloon for 3 - 5 minutes, without letting it burst. If the balloon bursts, the child has to perform the task written on the chit found inside.

Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunts are always popular, more so when they are organized in a woody area. You need to hide a couple of gifts like soccer balls, Barbie doll sets, wizard castles or doll houses in a large box.
Draw maps showing directions to the treasure, but the directions shouldn't be north or south, they should show some landmarks near the hidden treasure. To make things more interesting, create the directions in the form of puzzles or riddles.
If they get it right, they can proceed, or they end up losing a member from the group. The group which reaches the treasure before the other is the obvious winner.
You could also play some traditional games like passing the parcel or dumb charades. To make the camp more fun, you could play some camp songs for kids. The objective of these camp games for children is to teach them some values like unity, team work and independence along with entertainment. So, we hope you them!