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Fun Camp Games for Youth

Aastha Dogra
Here are some entertaining camp games for youth, that will surely teach them important lessons in teamwork.

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Camping is a great way to relax and unwind, and at the same time, be one with nature. It is an ideal place for a young person to socialize and make friends with new people.
Another reason why teens and young college goers love camping, is the fun atmosphere that they promise through the various games played.

All for a Smile

Icebreaker activities are a must for the campers so that they get to know each other and bond well. This game is especially designed for this purpose. To play this game, ask the campers to sit in a circle. Next, choose a person who will be called the 'lover'.
This 'lover' has to pick any person of the opposite sex in the group and try to make him/her smile. The lover should say something like, "Smile if you love me.". The person he chooses has to respond by saying, "I do love you but cannot smile.".
The lover can make funny faces, act weird, or do anything to make the other person laugh. If the chosen person replies with the same negative answer, four times, then he/she becomes the next 'lover'.

Nature's Treasure Hunt

Another interesting camp game is to plan a hunt of nature's treasures in the field or forest surrounding the camp. To conduct this activity, divide the players into groups of five, each. Next, hand each group a list of things that they have to either bring back, or identify while they are on their hunt.
The list can have things like:

✦ Bring back an object that is soft, rough, or slippery.
✦ Look for fossilized plants or insects.
✦ Find different kinds of rocks and identify them.

Such games and activities are fun, adventurous, and at the same time they teach the players about nature.

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Act Now

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This game can be fun and creative, as well. Divide the campers into even groups consisting of four to five members, each. Now, give them a genre from which they can come up with a play of their own. For example, ask them to put together a comedy, action, or romantic play. The team which enacts the best play, wins.

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The whole camping experience is a big learning curve for any young person. Camp games are a great means of social and mental development of the players. They teach important lessons in team building, leadership, and hard work, besides being fun to perform.