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Campfire Games to Light Up the Night With Fun

Aastha Dogra
Looking for some interesting games to play at your camping trip? Read on for some interesting ones which will surely make your outdoor excursion entertaining and fun.
Come summer and the most interesting thing that people look forward is outdoor activities with their friends. Camping is a great way to bring people together and reconnect. I do not know what is it about the golden fire, twinkling stars in the sky and the sound of wood popping in the campfire, that makes people enjoy nature. Of course, fun games add to the charisma of these activities like none. Here are some games to play around the campfire, which bring out the best in people and make the party fun and enjoyable.

Games for Youth

Truth or Dare

This game can be fun and add spice like no other game can. To play this, all you need is a bottle and some innovative thinking. You can start the game by spinning the bottle. When the bottle stops, the person it is pointed towards can ask anybody in the group "Truth or Dare". The answerer has to choose one of these. If he chooses truth, the person can ask some embarrassing or uncomfortable questions from his personal life. If he chooses dare, he can be asked to do something really silly or equally embarrassing.
Some of the fun questions that can be asked are "Who is that one person in the party that you would never ever date and why?", "Have you ever farted in public?", "How many times do you think about butts in a day?" etc. Examples of some dares are,"Smell your neighbour's socks", "Lick someone's face, and the person has to be of the opposite sex", "make out with a bottle", etc.

Kiss the Bear

Another fun game is kiss the bear. If you are the host then you start this game by saying, "i love you bear and I want to kiss your forehead", and follow it up by kissing the top of the bottle. Then you pass the bottle to the person on your left, he too has to repeat the same words but choose a different body part. If he chooses legs, he has to kiss the base of the bottle.
The bottle is likewise passed on to everybody in the circle, till it reaches back to the host. From here on the game will become fun. Starting from the host, everybody has to kiss the person on their right, on the same body part as they wanted to kiss the bear, repeating the same words, just replacing bear with the name of the person.

Games for Kids

Find Shapes

For very small kids, an interesting game can be to find shapes in the stars and the clouds. Simply spread a blanket and make the kids lie on their backs on it. They can then point out the shapes that the clouds or the stars are making. The child who comes up with maximum number of shapes, wins.

Catch Me Wink

To play this, make the kids sit in a circle. Now, give them small chits of paper. On one of the chits, the word "killer" should be written. The child who gets this chit, has to wink at any other child in the group. The one who has been winked at, then has to pretend that he is dead. If the other children in the group catch the child winking, then he is out. The game continues till two children are left, who are then declared winners.
Engaging, humorous and funny games, like the ones mentioned above, lift the spirits of the guests and make the activity entertaining and memorable. So, the next time you have a campfire, include a few of these games and see your guests go ga ga over them.