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Camp Games for Everyone

Sheetal Mandora
Camp games and activities for kids, teens, and adults help everyone understand the importance of teamwork. Read ahead to find amazing games that'll keep everyone busy and entertained for the whole weekend.
Camping outdoors is so much fun during summers that no one wishes to come back inside or home. Packing all the camping gear, finding an ideal spot, and getting your friends and family together for the weekend sounds exciting.

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But the part that makes camping the best are the games. Camp games and activities like singing, making S'mores, fishing, trekking, nature hike, tug of war, etc. makes the trip worthwhile. Whether you're going camping with your friends, family, or school, these games mentioned here are really fun to try out.

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Activities and Games for Camp

If you've ever been camping before, then you know that there are tons of things to do while camping. But the trouble arrives when there are certain number of people in a particular group. What we mean is that summer camp activities differ from one group to another. If it's a school, neighborhood, friends, or family camping, the games will be different.
Keeping that in mind, we have put together a list of games and activities for you to include during your trip. So go through this item, grab all the necessary supplies, and get ready for some fun and exciting camping trip.

Games for Kids

When school's out, kids can't get enough of games to play. If you're sending them for a summer camp or are taking them out yourself, these games for kids will be perfect to spend some quality time with them and have fun.

Treasure Knight

Plan a scavenger hunt for the kids. Plan a small area (nothing in the woods) and light the area with lots of candles, tiki torches, or tea lights. Get maps for everyone, divide them in 2―3 groups, and let the hunt begin. The team that comes back the maximum clues solved, wins a prize.

Simon Says...

Well this isn't exactly "Simon Says...", but a bit similar to it. One person will be the leader and the other players will start to flap their arms as if they are birds. Now the leader will begin calling names out loud of animals and birds.
If the leader says "Crow", "Parrot", or "Pigeon", then everyone keeps flapping their hands. But in between the birds that can fly, the leader can also say "Lion", "Penguin", or "Snake". Whoever keeps flapping their hands loses.

Tom and Jerry

Keep 2 kids aside and ask everyone to form a big circle. One kid (Jerry, the mouse) will come inside the circle and the other (Tom, the cat) stays outside. Both will start running in opposite directions of the circle. As they are running, Tom tries to catch Jerry and Jerry tries to get out.
If Tom steps in the space between the kids in the circle, the 2 kids will hold hands and close the space between them. The game keeps moving forward until all the spaces get closed, Jerry is caught or gets stuck inside.

Games for Large Groups

The real fun in camping comes with large groups where you have so many people to share the experience with. Whether they are all kids, adults, or a mix of both, these games can help everyone bond together.

Rugby Madness

In this game, take equal number of balls as the players. Have 2 people stand in as referees and make 2 teams. Have the kids stand on opposite sides of the field in a line. One team gets the balls (each player has one ball).
When the referees signal, the team with the balls will try to come over the other side of the field and try to score. The defense team gets to stop them. Whichever team gets the maximum number of balls to the other side, wins.

Winking, Winking

To play this game, ask everyone to sit in a big circle and cross their legs. One of the kids will be the winker who will secretly wink at everyone one by one.
Whoever gets the wink should count till 5 and then uncross their legs to stretch them in front. Now, the point of the game is that the rest of the players have to find out who's the winker. If the winker gets everyone before he/she is caught, then the game ends. But those who are out of the game can't reveal the winker's identity.

Blind Volleyball

Divide the kids in 2 groups to play and place a huge blanket on top of the net. This way, the teams won't be able to see anyone on the other side.
When the referee signals to play, each team can hit the ball as many times as they want to get it over the blanket, to the other side. But the only catch here is that the ball can't touch the ground. Based on these rules, give points to each teams and determine the winner.
As we mentioned earlier, these games are important because it teaches children the value of team building and hard work. Make your next camping trip an unforgettable one with these games and activities.