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How to Choose the Right Camping Cookware

Kashmira Lad
Are you planning for that ultimate camping trip? Then it's time you ponder upon picking the right cookware to make things easy and convenient for you. Here are tips on how you can go about doing that.

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Camping outdoors is a favorite activity for many, especially during the summers. It gives one the satisfaction of being in touch with nature, and being away from the noise of the city. It offers the chance to connect with the greens, cook outdoors, and spend quality time with family and friends.

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When you plan your camping trip, there are many things you would need to take into consideration. Right from the tents to the cookware, all the details need to be planned to perfection.

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It is often seen that people tend to carry home cookware on camping trips. This may be because they may not really know the difference, or due to the lack of time needed to buy specific camping cookware.
There are many factors one needs to consider, such as the place and duration, along with the number of people you would be cooking for.

Choosing the Right Camping Cookware

Firstly, you need to consider the material of the cookware. There are various types which can prove to be easy for cooking outdoors.

✦ You can go in for the ones with a non-stick coating. These are available only on specific materials. The food does not stick to the surface, and are very easy to clean. Avoid scratching the surface.
✦ You can even opt for the most popular and easily available choice―plastic utensils. This is widely used, because it is inexpensive and lightweight, which makes it easy to carry around.
✦ Aluminum cookware is also another good choice. This is also relatively on the inexpensive side. They are also a good conductor of heat. But the problem with aluminum cookware is that it tends to dent easily, and also react with acidic food when it is non-coated. This may prove to be dangerous to health.

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✦ Stainless steel items can also be used, but it tends to be heavier and also on the expensive side.
✦ You also need to check for the durability. This is because, traveling over long distances may include bumpy rides, and the cookware should be durable. You will need to pick something that you can use not just for one trip, but also for camping trips in the future.
The cookware should be able to withstand high heat, and should be made of a fire-resistant material, to prevent burning of the food or even the utensil for that matter.
✦ Look for compact designs and sizes that are easy to pack and travel with. Sometimes, this may not always be possible when you are out camping with a large group of friends. In such cases, you need to choose backpacks that can easily accommodate all the cookware.
✦ Also consider the weight. If you are planning to hike long distances, then you definitely don't need to lug around loads of luggage. Therefore, you need to pick material that's lightweight, and easy to manage and clean.
✦ You can also look in the market for camping cookware sets. These are available at a lesser rate compared to the price you may have to pay for individual pieces. The only flip-side to it would be the restriction of the kind of pieces you may want to pick.
Going in for individual pieces can give you the freedom to choose what you really require, but you may end up paying more for the entire lot you pick individually. Sets are also designed in such a manner so that the pieces can be easily packed into each other, which helps save on space.
Once you have found the right cookware, it's time you pack your bags and embark upon the well-deserved camping trip you always wanted. Happy camping!