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Camping Food List

Abhijit Naik
If you have started taking interest in camping of late, here are some things that you need to take into consideration when deciding what food items to carry along.

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Food is an important source of energy when it comes to any physical activity, and about activities like camping or hiking, those extra calories suddenly become all the more important. Some people feel that carrying a good amount of food will add to the load and make the trip tedious.
So they choose to carry packed or frozen food for their camping trip. They fail to understand that this frozen food is not a substitute for healthy food you require to energize your body on such rigorous outings. A bit of planning can help you include some healthy food items in your list and make your camping a joyful, yet healthy outing.

Camping Food: Things to Remember

There is a difference between hiking and camping. Hiking is relatively short in duration, so you can sustain on frozen and canned food. But, the duration of camping is relatively long, so carrying food items that will stay fresh throughout the camping is a must.
If the duration is more than two days or you are planning to carry meat, poultry items or perishable foods; carry a cooler along with you. Water is another important item; carry water purification tablets to purify it or cooking equipment to boil the water.

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Deciding in advance the way you will be cooking will help you choose the right cookware to be carried along. Remember, food is cooked well at slow heat, so it is better to use gas or less of a charcoal.
Here are some food items to be carried along while camping which make your camping food healthy and tasty.

Camping Food Checklist

Basic Food Items

List of the basic food items required to prepare a decent meal:
● Water
● Instant rice
● Sugar
● Butter
● Flour
● Eggs
● Edible oil
● Cornmeal
● Fresh fruits
● Potatoes
● Onions
● Lemon
● Cucumbers
● Carrots
● Tomato
● Mushrooms
● Lettuce
● Hot cereals
● Bread
● Dried fruits and vegetables
● Spices

Beverages and Drinks

● Water
● Juice/Lemonade
● Coffee/Tea powder
● Milk/Powdered milk
● Electrolytes

Canned Foods

● Fruits and vegetables
● Baked beans
● Beef stew
● Vegetable protein
● Instant soup and oatmeal
● Spaghetti sauce


They will add flavor to your healthy camping food.
● Salt
● Pepper
● Spices
● Butter
● Mustard
● Pickle
● Ketchup
● Sauce

Meat and Fish

● Salami/Sausage
● Tuna/Salmon
● Ham
● Chicken
● Ground beef/turkey
● Bacon
● Hamburger meat
● Hotdogs

Other Foods

Other foods such as snacks will allow you to refresh yourself in between meals.
● Noodles
● Jelly/Jam
● Biscuits
● Cookies
● Pancakes

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Several recipes can be prepared with the items in the list of camping foods mentioned earlier. It will just take a few minutes to prepare these recipes leaving you with ample time to enjoy being in the vicinity of nature.
And lastly, do not forget to add disposable waste bags to your camping supplies list. You would not want to spoil things for people coming after you.