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Camping Food Suggestions

Scholasticus K
Who doesn't like to go for a nice camping trip. Food being an integral part of camping, here are some suggestions, which you can put to use while going on one.
Camping is an excellent way of recreation, which not only helps you to relieve stress, but also gives you a good change from your day-to-day lifestyle. There are many people who go camping regularly. You will find people who pack their bags and rush off to the foliage of nature for a weekend of hiking and trekking.

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Food is one of the most important and probably one of the most enjoyable aspects of any camping trip. Hence, while reviewing the trip checklist, you must also ensure that you have included some delicious camping food and supplies to cook the food.
Following are some of the camping food suggestions that you can put to use when you pack your supplies. These food ideas have been classified according to their nature and life span.

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Raw Veggies and Fruits

The first among the camping food tips is to carry raw vegetables and fruits. Carrying raw fruits and vegetables is always of advantage.
The best way to carry the vegetables and fruits is to store them in an ice box, along with some ice cubes or cool water. You can do this effectively only when the weather is pretty cool and not very hot. We would advise you against carrying fresh foods and vegetables in extremely hot weather, as there is a strong chance that they would spoil.

Breads and the Likes

Bread is also an excellent option when you want to go camping.
The advantage of using it while on a camping is that its easier to carry, and lasts for a longer time. You can make delicious sandwiches with the help of bread and vegetables. The bread can be toasted on the campfire. The slight flavor of wooden ash from the burning wood of the campfire gives the bread a heavenly tinge which is as good as tasting nature.

Canned Food

Canned food seldom goes bad and is rarely wasted. You can also cook canned food on a camp fire. Canned fish and meat is easily available at any general store or at a store that sells camping gear and supplies.
We would recommend you to use canned or tinned food, if the camping trip is going to be a long one. You may also find a large number of fruits and vegetables that are available in cans. These fruits and vegetables can also be cooked with ease and they would also last long, as they contain preservatives.


Auxiliaries, to the normal food are an absolute necessity. Be sure to carry an assorted range of auxiliaries like tomato sauce, pepper, jam, marmalade, cheese, red chili powder, and barbecue sauce.
These auxiliaries add an amazing flavor to the food that is cooked on a camp fire. We would also recommend you to carry these in plastic cans or containers, as tins or glass bottles considerably add to the weight of the bag pack.


Marshmallows, chocolates, nuts, crackers, and dry fruits should never be forgotten when you go camping.
Especially if you are taking kids along with you, marshmallows can be roasted on the camp fire, and chocolate can be melted on to the crackers to add to the joy of the kids.

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Remember that better the food, the more you will enjoy the camping trip. Also, make it a point to cook the food on the camp fire and enjoy the unique taste of nature. If it's not possible to get a fire going, then you may also include a stove in your camping gear.