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How to Plan a Canoe Trip

Priya Johnson
Proper planning is crucial before you set out for any trip, because it helps minimize the number of setbacks you can experience. Lack of proper planning can trigger chaos and irritation during a canoe trip as well, so let's take a look at how we can organize things efficiently.
Canoeing is a wonderful way to broaden one's outdoor adventure repertoire. It's an exciting outdoor summer activity and is a great way to spend the vacation. However, before embarking on a canoe trip, one needs to plan ahead for it.

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You cannot afford to get up one morning and go off canoeing. Planning forms an important part, because it ensures that the trip planned matches the ability levels of the people going for canoeing. Lack of proper planning can conduce to accidental disasters.

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Canoe Trip Planning Advice

Who all are going ...

The first step is making a note of who all are embarking upon this canoeing journey. It's advisable to get a companion, preferably a group while preparing for such a trip.

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Choose your expedition partners wisely, because it's a trip that demands teamwork, positive attitude, and loads of enthusiasm. You also have to determine whether your canoe trip will be self-guided, will be supported by an independent guide, or by an outfitting company.

When and Where to go ...

July and August are known to be the best months, in terms of weather for campers. The nights can get nippy, but, it's still a great time to be out canoeing. You also need to get information about camping availability and the river or lake's information. Ask experts, park rangers, or outfitters for information regarding camping availability in the area.
Once you have a place where you can camp and paddle, the next step is to zero in on the river or lake. Make this choice based on you and your group's personal preference. Make sure you choose rivers that are safe to navigate for everyone. Check for basic reserving camping permits, park regulations, and also get hold of maps of the area you choose to camp in.

What to take along ...

Maintaining a checklist will help ensure you haven't missed out any of the essentials. Let's look at the things you need to pack while going off on a canoe trip.
✔ Canoes and paddles
✔ Life jackets
✔ Tents
✔ Sleeping bags
✔ Maps and compass
✔ Flashlights
✔ Spare batteries
✔ Large, lightweight backpack
✔ First-aid kit
✔ Sunscreen
✔ Whistle
✔ Repair kit
✔ Utility knife
✔ Matches
✔ Handsaw for firewood
✔ Tarp and rope
✔ Insect repellents
✔ Toiletries
With regards to food, take along high-energy bars that are filling, nutritious, and can be easily carried along. You can also carry along the freeze dried meals and desserts. Moreover, remember, you need to travel light, so, take only the necessities.

Planning the Route

It's good to be all enthusiastic and eager to canoe, however, it's important to note that when it comes to canoeing, one should bite only how much one can chew. For the first canoe trip ensure that all the portages are under a mile.
When you are carrying all the equipment on your back, things can get really tiring. Moreover, make sure your three-day canoe trip houses only 4-5 portages to prevent overburdening. Try and return to the campsite before dark, because setting up the tent in pitch darkness can be quite a pain.
Be well-prepared for a trip. Prepare the itinerary well in advance and give each member a copy of the plan, so that everybody is on the same page before the beginning of the trip. Make sure as a group, you all stick to the plan and enjoy your trip. Proper planning will help you enjoy this awesome outdoor adventure in the safest manner possible.