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Car Surfing

Stephen Rampur
Car surfing is an activity which involves a person who performs stunts while the vehicle is in motion. This activity has led to several deaths not only in North America but in other countries as well. This story gives you information regarding the same.
There are many ways in which people go about seeking excitement and thrill in their lives--some indulge in unsafe activities like speeding automobiles and bikes. Riding a superbike at high speeds and doing stunts is a traditional method of attracting attention and also experiencing the adrenaline rush in the body.
There are several different kinds of death-defying stunts that extreme sports enthusiasts do, of which car surfing is a really dangerous one.

The Concept

Car surfing, also referred to as urban surfing, is a type of crazy stunt performed by passengers in a car, wherein they get out of the car and perform activities like standing on the hood, roof, or the trunk, hanging from the window, and other such dangerous stunts while the car is in motion. It is considered to be a form of ghost riding which in a way also includes doing similar stunts.
However, there is a small difference--in car surfing, the car is driven by another person, whereas in ghost riding, the driver himself performs the stunts with no one behind the wheel. Performers generally prefer SUVs and trucks over sedans, since the surface of the hood and roof is much flatter, which, according to them, makes surfing easy.
In some variations of the stunt, these car surfers even leap from one car to the other, making it all the more risky, and hence even more entertaining and thrilling for them.
It is believed to be an illegal activity if performed in public places and roads. However, not much is known about the specific laws and regulations regarding car surfing. The popularity is a result of the hyphy culture (meaning hyperactive) in the San Francisco Bay Area.
It is also reported that this came into the spotlight after the release of the 1985 film 'Teen Wolf'. The 2007 movie 'Grindhouse' also caused many youngsters to experiment with this deadly stunt.
Some people believe that the inclusion of this stunt in video games like 'Grand Theft Auto' has, in a way, encouraged people to try it out. 'Skitching' is another type of motor vehicle stunt, in which the person holds onto a moving vehicle and skateboards or skates along.

Injuries and Deaths

Owing to the stunts performed, it is apparent that car surfers are more likely to be prone to accidents, injuries, or even death. According to a survey conducted by the Centers for Disease Control of the USA, there was a data of 58 known deaths and 41 injuries from the time span of 1990 to 2008.
A majority of the accidents were reported in the Midwest and Southern regions of the US, wherein around 70% of the injured were in the age group of 15 to 19.
A surprising 58% of accidents resulted in deaths. These figures are an approximate and are finalized only with known accidents. Injuries and deaths from ghost riding and skitching are not included, therefore the total number of these car accidents could be more. One can be injured or die even if the vehicle moves at a low speed, which you might think would not make much difference.
Car surfing is certainly one of the most dangerous stunts. Remember that it can be fatal in spite of wearing the best safety gear and accessories. Therefore, it is advisable not to indulge in such life-risking stunts.